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AI Sweden in Canada

AI Sweden is taking an active role in one of the world’s best AI ecosystems.

Montreal city view
Montreal city view, photo: @TobiasH (unsplash)

In the light of our mission of accelerating the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden, AI Sweden recognizes the need for international collaboration and international inflow of knowledge to the Swedish AI ecosystem. 

AI Sweden has therefore established a presence in Montreal, Canada, to be active in one of the best ecosystems in the world when it comes to applied AI research. The purpose is to create a strong relationship between the two countries, strengthen the Swedish ecosystem, and to accelerate the growth of applied AI.

Canada is known for its strong AI ecosystem, with a large number of AI startups, a strong academic AI community, and ample government support for AI. By establishing a presence in Canada, AI Sweden will be able to learn from and collaborate with Canada’s AI community, and help Swedish companies access the talent and the competence in Canada.

In return, the Canadian ecosystem can learn from AI Sweden about the Swedish AI ecosystem, about our work in accelerating applied AI and engage in knowledge-sharing activities with the goal of working on concrete projects together with our strong industrial sector and our innovative research partners.

Mila + AI Sweden

"The partnership with AI Sweden means that we can share knowledge and strengthen each other's work to accelerate the use of AI. We are very pleased to welcome AI Sweden into Mila’s ecosystem and to our premises in Montreal"

Yoshua Bengio, Scientific Director [Mila, Quebec]


Mila is one of the largest academic research centres in machine learning in the world and attracts significant investments for AI research from the private sector. Montreal is also a very attractive place for the world's AI talents and we see a growing interest for Montreal from AI pioneers.

Through the partnership with Mila, we can connect organizations and companies in Sweden closer to the AI ​​hub that Montreal and Canada constitutes, and create great opportunities for collaboration, talent exchanges and knowledge transfer with one of the world’s foremost AI ecosystems. We are very happy to initiate this relationship to strengthen Swedish competitiveness and welfare

– Martin Svensson, Co-Director AI Sweden

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