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AI Sweden international

AI Sweden's mission is to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden, for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden. To succeed, we need to collaborate with the best in the world. We are therefore building relationships with outstanding and well-recognized organizations and ecosystems. 

AI Sweden around the office

Building relationships with relevant actors around the world is key for accelerating the use of AI in both Sweden and abroad. By gathering the very best internationally, we can leverage knowledge and experience to strengthen ecosystems as well as organizations' ability to use AI. That is why, for example, we are partnering with Mila, Helmholtz, and appliedAI. The collaborative efforts are built around AI Sweden's core areas, some of which are highlighted below.

Strategic initiatives
Our strategic initiatives on Natural Language Understanding, Decentralized AI and Information-driven healthcare provide R&D platforms and projects for partners to collaborate.

The well-known challenge of accessing talent transcends national borders. AI Sweden has established a number of talent programs to address this, and actively look for international partners and talent to collaborate with.

Startups and SMEs
Small and medium-sized companies play an important role in a country's development and the use of new technologies used in transformative ways. The European AI Startup Landscape features some of Europe's top AI startups.

We have recently initiated a close collaboration with the Canadian AI ecosystem as it is one of the most prominent AI ecosystems in the world. The purpose of our presence in Montreal, Canada is to enable cross ecosystem collaborations and projects for both startups, scaleups, corporates, public sector and academia as well as to establish broad collaboration and knowledge sharing in government, ministries and agencies on various levels.



We have, so far, established collaboration with the following organizations to create value for our partners and contribute to the Swedish AI ecosystem.

Interested in collaborating with us?

Manager International Partnership, MSc

Björn Hovstadius