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Southern Sweden node

The pre-study regarding the Southern Sweden node, covering Skåne and Blekinge, is completed and the node is now getting ready to be formed.

      After three intensive months of planning, workshops and discussions with more than 90 people from organizations based in south Sweden, the south node of AI Innovation of Sweden is now taking its next step and is getting ready to be formed.

      The work on the pre study has been lead by the cluster organisation Mobile Heights and underway in the fall of 2019. The result, a recommendation for how a southern Swedish AI hub should be organised and financed in the long term, was presented during a final presentation held on December 17th. 

      The pre-study, has been driven in a wide collaboration with interested parties from industry, academics and municipalities, as well as research parks and other players in the innovation system who have demonstrated interested in establishing a collaborative environment for research and innovation within applied AI in southern Sweden. 

      The preliminary study has been financed by AI Innovation of Sweden, Region Skåne and Vinnova