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Northern Sweden


Pre-study regarding the Nothern Sweden node is on-going.

      Luleå Science Park, together with a number of local actors, including Luleå University of Technology, have been commissioned by Lindholmen Science Park and Vinnova to start a pre-study to establish a northern node within the national AI-initiative AI Innovation of Sweden. The work will be lead by Luleå Science Park and developed in collaboration with Process ITIUC NorrLuleå University of TechnologyCDTRISE SICS and AI Innovation of Sweden

      The pre-study is expected to last for about six months starting early October, and will give us a better understanding of needs, expectations and opportunities for a Nothern AI node. In March 2020 a plan for the set-up of the node should be ready.

      The northern AI node is intended to cover the geographical area of ​​Kiruna-Sundsvall, with its base at Luleå Science Park.