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Combitech AI Talent Program

As part of the digital changes taking place in society, Sweden needs to increase its expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI Sweden and Combitech are teaming up to offer a talent program with a focus on AI to attract talented individuals. The program will be launched in the spring of 2022. 

“The competitive edge of Swedish industry and the efficiency of the public sector depend on individuals with the skills and creativity to lead the development of advanced systems and solutions with an accelerating level of AI applications. We are still at the beginning of this technology, but AI and machine learning are already helping us in our daily lives, for example with safe driving and choosing the right restaurant. The pace of development is fast and we therefore need more motivated and interested people. So apply to this program,” says Johnny Larsson, Head of Strategic Business and Innovation in the Systems Engineering division, and in charge of the talent program at Combitech.

"Combitech's experience from working with talent programs of this kind is hard to beat. With a focus on highly educated and driven individuals, and the company's methods for developing experience, they add a unique dimension to the joint talent program and to all organizations in need of qualified AI expertise. Running the program in parallel to existing projects enables us to share the talent pool with industry even faster", says Niclas Fock, Head of Talent Programs at AI Sweden.

About the talent program
The program is designed to accelerate the journey that will take you as a new talent to an experienced level. You will broaden your experience step by step through hands-on customer assignments and learn from the experience of others. You can apply for this program if you hold a Masters degree or a PhD and want to work with AI. The program covers 18-24 months and runs in parallel with work in AI-related projects that we conduct together with prospective employers/partners. 

Find out more about Combitech here.

For further details, please contact:
Niclas Fock, AI Sweden on +46 (0)722-24 22 84, or email: 
Johnny Larsson, Combitech on +46 (0)708-89 51 28, or email:
Johan Gunnarsson, CTO Combitech on +46 (0)10-215 04 19, or email:



Head of Talent Programs

Niclas Fock