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Deep-Dive Sessions for Data Scientists

Join our deep-dive sessions for data scientists! The deep-dive sessions are intended for experienced data scientists or similar functions that are implementing and applying AI in their work. The meetups are intended to provide a neutral arena for attendees to meet and discuss relevant topics, getting inspiration, and learning from each other. 

Join our deep-dive sessions for data scientists!

We will meet once every 6 weeks for 2-3 hours depending on the topic. This site will be updated with dates and topics for the different sessions. During the sessions, we will meet and listen to one or two experts. You will have time to interact around questions connected to the topic with both the participants and experts. The sessions are only available to AI Sweden's partners. 

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The topic for our latest Deep Dive Session was:

Synthetic Data at Scale for Perception Systems

Synthetic data offers the potential for cheap and scalable solutions for perception systems in autonomous driving and other applications. We will discuss the underlying technologies to create synthetic data and how they can be used in combination with real logged data for scalable machine learning solutions in perception systems. Some technology demos will also be given and there will be breakout sessions around key questions and challenges.

Prof. Devdatt Dubhashi

Professor, Division of Data Science and AI Chalmers, and Chief Scientist SDS

Anton Kloek
Data scientist, SDS

You find the recorded session here!

Acting Head of Training

Raquel Sanchez