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Lunch & Learn series for the public sector

To harness the power of artificial intelligence, more people and especially leaders in both industry and the public sector need to first understand its potential - what is AI and what can using it mean for their operations. AI Sweden collaborates with partners and host Lunch & Learn sessions to help organizations discuss and answer these questions.

Learning series for managers and potential users of AI technology

In order to increase the understanding of the potential of using AI and accelerate the application of AI in the public sector, AI Sweden collaborate with partners to host a series of learning sessions. Reach out if you are interested in hosting one in your organization, and read more below on what it was like for Region Västra Götaland, who took part in the initiative during the spring.

"To accelerate applied artificial intelligence in all sectors, we need to see a much broader understanding of AI. That is why we teamed up with Region Västra Götaland and AllAgeHub to provide an easy-to-follow learning series for people in a management position who normally don't talk about AI. So that they too get the chance to understand AI's potential and think about potential use cases in their operational environment" says Peter Kurzwelly, the lecturer of the learning series. 

The learning series is an event series consisting of six bi-weekly lunch webinars, taking place over the course of a couple of months.  This specific learning program was designed for project leaders and people in an operations management position at different organizations within the care and nursing sector. Here, there is a major need for ways to improve and increase the effectiveness of the operations and AI could play a big part. 

"In the care and nursing sector, there is both a curiosity about what AI can bring but also a concern about what the technology can mean for the performance of care and nursing work. Will everyone be cared for by robots in the future? Will users be deprived of human contact? What happens to my work in this rapid technological development? How can individuals acquire and use technology on their own initiative to be able to live an active, safe, secure life with high participation in society? These are all questions we have heard from the people working within the sector. Hosting a learning program together with AI Sweden, we had the chance to talk about these things and create a broader understanding beyond the buzzword" says Leif Sandsjö project leader for the AllAgeHub at Region Västra Götaland.

The learning series included lecturers and discussions about what AI is and the technology behind it. The participants had the chance to talk about different concerns but also explore potential use cases from other sectors that could fit their own. This resulted in a much more concrete and broad understanding of AI.

"To accelerate applied AI for the benefit of our society here in Sweden, we see a need to educate and give people a chance to discuss AI. By providing learning programs for potential areas of application, organizations in different sectors can adopt AI faster" says Peter Kurzwelly.

If you want to host a learning series, please reach out to Head of Training and Learning Raquel Sanchez.
Acting Head of Training

Raquel Sanchez