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Report: Data and AI are transforming news media

What are the opportunities and challenges for data-driven development and artificial intelligence in journalism and the media business? This public report from Media & democracy seeks answers within international research and unsuspecting innovative key people.


The focus of the report is data-driven development and artificial intelligence. This is partly based on AI's broad and rapid growth as a social phenomenon. The other part is specifically based on the media sector. 

Authors: Anders Thoresson, Project Manager for the "Media Industry and AI" initiative at Lindholmen Science Park, and Jenny Wiik, media researcher at Medier & demokrati and AI Innovation of Sweden, who is running the "Automation of Journalism project. Innovation, collaboration and knowledge management during implementation of AI in news media companies". 

To the report

Format: Report
Publisher: Medier & Demokrati at Lindholmen Science Park
Publishing date: June 2020