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Automating Automation: How AI will eat the world

Björn Stansvik & Elgin Beloy, Cohereum, open our eyes to the incredible possibilities and speed that AI enables.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to get inspiration and perspectives from groundbreaking entrepreneurs using AI to achieve their objectives. Björn Stansvik & Elgin Beloy, Cohereum, will open our eyes to the incredible possibilities and speed that AI enables. 

Elgin Beloy is the CTO and Co-Founder of Cohereum, a Bay Area AI company focused on creating an Auto-ML platform with neural architecture search. Björn Stansvik, CEO Cohereum and MentorMate, has started, grown and sold technology companies in the United States for the last 20 years since emigrating from Gothenburg.

From AI Innovation of Sweden seminar Feb 6 2019

Format: Seminar
Publisher: AI Innovation of Sweden
Publishing date: February 2019
Length: 0:17