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Precision forestry

The concept of Precision forestry involves the use of high-resolution data to make precise decisions based on data from digital twins of forests at tree level. The goal of the project is to develop a platform for an end-to-end AI for forest analyzes and synthetic digital twins of the forest. Which creates prerequisites of an end-to-end AI for high-resolution analysis of forest data for need-based areas of use.


The problem with precision forestry today is that the ability to collect training data is limited. Another problem is that the lifespan of data in the forest is short as the trees are constantly growing.

The project has been designed by Arboair together with the project partners Holmen and AI Sweden. The solution contributes to Agenda 2030 15.2, 13.1, 5.A, 5.B and 9.4.


The project breaks completely new ground and contributes to previously missing knowledge about how synthetic data generation can be used to build applications in modern forestry. Furthermore, it will take into account the granularity between different tree species and be able to create realistic forests as a result. The value will be that the forest industry can evaluate between optimizing to secure a higher economic profitability while at the same time setting aside forest for carbon sequestration, securing carbon sink in wood for industry, increasing biological diversity and assisting with nature experiences for society.

Expected outcomes

The project aims to realize a solution that contributes to the forestry companies' competitiveness through streamlining forest work, and the project's goals contribute to increased competitiveness for Swedish companies on a world market where more people can use the process and the knowledge behind the technology for internationalization where heavy and advanced analyzes are required.


Funding parties: Vinnova, ArboairHolmen, AI Sweden
Total project budget: ~ 6.9 MSEK

Arboair, Holmen, AI Sweden
+ Reference group: East Sweden Game, Skogstekniska klustret, Spillkråkan kvinnliga skogsnätverk


Would you like to contribute or have any thoughts or questions? Please contact Oscar Spaak to learn more.

AI Change Agent Linköping

Oscar Spaak