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DataRight InnoVation (DRIV)

The DRIV project will create a platform for knowledge sharing relating to the legal challenges that occur in collaborative projects for data-driven innovation and help the participating organisation in research and innovation (R&I) projects to manage legal questions at an early stage to create the right prerequisites to share and utilize data and enable the intended use of project results.


Today, legal uncertainties in R&I projects pose major challenges for the implementation of R&I projects and the utilization of knowledge and solutions based on datasets and AI.

Legal uncertainties can be caused by unclear legislation and challenges in relation to the interpretation of such legislation.

A lack of knowledge or understanding of legislation, and the questions that need to be addressed, in an R&I project can also create legal challenges and uncertainties.

For example, this may lead to legal questions or challenges in collaborative projects being discovered and handled too late in a project, negatively affecting the utilization of data or project results.

Other legal challenges include access to relevant data, how to share data and regulating the responsibilities between engaged project parties. 



The project’s main aim is to create a platform for knowledge sharing regarding legal challenges and questions in R&I project for data-driven innovation to create awareness of the importance of managing legal questions early and creating a method for managing legal questions in R&I-projects with a focus on data-driven innovation. This includes creating an overview of what has already been done in different earlier or ongoing initiatives such as datalabs or similar projects as well as providing workshops and webinars to increase knowledge and facilitate learning from each other. 

By helping organisations understand which questions that need to be answered in relation to applying for and executing R&I-project, as well as enable knowledge-sharing and educational workshops, the platform can create the right prerequisites for data sharing and data utilization.


 Expected outcomes

  • Giving participating organisations within R&I projects the knowledge and tools to highlight and answer relevant questions before applying for a project and while starting up the project. This will ensure compliant data usage, data sharing and clarity around ownership and liability issues regarding the utilization of data-based project results. By providing a method for managing legal questions in R&I projects, the platform can help avoid projects being delayed or that the implementation of project results is prevented from being shared as planned due to legal issues.

  • Support activities such as workshops and webinars are developed and distributed in the area of ​​law related to, for example, data sharing. This will contribute to project participants gaining increased knowledge and skills in the area so they are able to identify their own needs regarding initiatives and/or additional expert advice.

  • Increased data usage in the form of increased output of products, services, working methods, etc. based on data-driven innovation from publicly funded R&I projects.

  • Help financiers of R&I-project to set requirements for applicant organizations regarding compliance with regulations and to actively choose suitable datasets for each individual project.

  • Strengthen privacy protection through awareness and strengthen the legal understanding in relation to for example the General Data protection Regulation (the GDPR) and other legal issues that should be addressed before projects begin and throughout the project time. In this way, the organizations can identify their own needs for additional expert advice.


The two year project, starting in October 2021, is coordinated by AI Sweden and led together with Chalmers Industriteknik and RISE. Other project parties include the University of Gothenburg, Lund University, MAQS Advokatbyrå, Advokatfirman Delphi, Region Västra Götaland, Region Stockholm, Region Halland, City of Helsingborg, the Swedish Transport Administration, The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV), NCC and Tyréns.



PM Legal, Project Manager

Erika Gustafsson

Legal coordinator, LLM

Josefine Rembsgård