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The Data Factory Infrastructure

Lack of test data, costly technical infrastructure are some of the major obstacles to applied research and innovation within AI. With the Data Factory, we can provide power, technology, infrastructure and the know-how to make data accessible to AI researchers and developers. 

Access to techinal infrastructure and datasets

The Data Factory have the technical capacity and know-how of managing and accessing large and complex data-sets, and is through this able to accelerate research and innovation of pre-commercial industrial AI applications. This includes methods, storage, computational power for algorithm training, de-identification, version management and access management from IP, as well as legal perspectives.

The resources provided by the Data Factory are available to all partners, across geographical boundaries and in accordance with the terms & conditions for each dataset. 


A proven platform optimised for AI development

Through its partnership as a Core Technology partner, CGit has donated significant data power and access to expert consultants to AI Innovation of Sweden.

The platform on which the data factory's infrastructure is based is called AIRI (AI Ready Infrastructure) and is currently used by many leading companies within AI development throughout the world and by Swedish companies which develop technology for autonomous vehicles, among other things.

All data centres are localised in Sweden and owned by CGit, which means that sensitive data can also be managed. In addition, the Data Factory also actively seek collaboration with other major data centers or computational resources to optimize services and capacity.

Access to data sets

Within the Data Factory, partners and project teams are able to access data set. The Data Factory shall actively strive to ensure that data sets are made available across industries and application areas, in the best possible way. 

  • Ebba Josefson Lindqvist

    Project Manager Data Factory

    ebba [dot] josefson [at] ai [dot] se 46 (0) 732 54 29 03