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Generally about projects supported by AI Innovation of Sweden

Lindholmen Science Park has a long tradition in gathering stakeholders, initiating and leading projects, and spreading insights and new knowledge. With AI Innovation of Sweden this will be expanded to also include collaboration and the sharing of relevant data sets. The opportunity to co-locate teams will further develop the collaboration and project opportunities.

    Criteria for support/funding from AI Innovation of Sweden

    The project can be of different maturity level, ranging from brief ideas to ongoing, already funded, projects. However, all projects should meet the following criteria:

    • Main applicant should be partner to AI Innovation of Sweden

    • The project shall directly or indirectly accelerating Swedish AI research and innovation

    • The project should enable collaboration between minimum two of the partners of AI Innovation of Sweden

    • The project should generate a portion of open knowledge and experience that can be shared with other interested partners of AI Innovation of Sweden

    • All projects shall have identified possible (not solved) ethical and security aspects

    Selection process

    AI Innovation will form a selection committee with unbiased experts relevant for each topic. More information to come.

    Available resources from AI Innovation of Sweden

    • Project manager leading the prestudy

    • Relevant AI-expertise

    • Office space Co-location area

    • Data Factory and related resources (if applicable for the project after the prestudy)

    • Relevant in-kind resources from partners (primarily start-ups and academia)

    • Advice on funding sources and funding strategies

    • Support through the application process (application writing etc.)

    • Support in building a strong project consortium

    • Legal support

    Project funding (After prestudies funded directly by AI Innovation of Sweden)    

    Partners and Partner projects utilizing the resources and services of AI Innovation of Sweden shall be externally funded, either by the Partners or projects themselves or via external funding sources.

    AI Innovation of Sweden shall maximize partners' funding opportunities by providing qualified support on how to obtain national and international research funding. The AI team will have close contact with financiers and university grant offices. It will provide:

    • Information for partners about new and current calls

    • Advice on funding sources and funding strategies

    • Support throughout the application process

    For example, the team can offer advice and ideas for projects, along with providing access to language and writing services for generating strong applications. It will also provide budgeting support, audit services and letters of support.