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AI Innovation of Sweden is inviting companies and organisations to join as partners and founding partners.

    Companies and organizations who partner with the centre desire access to a collaborative community of researchers and students for their problems, projects and people. Significant benefits and synergies can thereby be derived from sharing existing datasets (open or private). They will also be able to enhance their own data science capabilities.

    AI Innovation of Sweden is inviting companies and organisations that actively want to be part of building a significant resource for Swedish industry, academia and society. We expect that our partners to:

    • Recognise the need for collaboration across industries, academia and society
    • Are committed to making Sweden a leader in applied AI research & innovation
    • Want to accelerate their own research & innovation through collaboration, data-sharing and knowledge-sharing
    • AI Innovation of Sweden shall be established and exist for the benefit of its partners whether public, academic, or private. The partners understand that the benefits of AI Innovation of Sweden are derived from an active engagement and involvement of the partners and their organizations.

    AI Innovation of Sweden has been created by and for its partners with the overall aim of enhancing Swedish competitiveness and benefitting Swedish society. The needs and challenges of partners shall always serve as the point of departure on how AI Innovation of Sweden is run. Once AI Innovation of Sweden is fully operational, founding partners should experience that they:

    • Are an integral part of the AI ecosystem that fuels the Swedish economy and attracts leading global expertise who intend on making a significant impact in their field
    • Have opportunities to accelerate their own research & innovation through cross-industry sharing of data, ideas and knowledge
    • Get qualified support to external national and international research funding
    • Get access to infrastructure, tools and expertise, enabling them to share existing datasets (open or private) and enhancing their own data science capabilities
    • Get support for recruitment of talent, including doctorate and master students;

    and that AI Innovation of Sweden:

    • Acts in a neutral, ambitious and professional way
    • Supports funding efforts for collaborative projects, stimulates problem solving and provides relevant knowledge, networks and infrastructure
    • Provides unique data sets for partners, not least for researchers at the Co-locations sites as well as researchers at Swedish

    AI Innovation of Sweden will focus on building resources, knowledge and capabilities that horizontally are of value to partners and the ecosystem. The ambition is to create a unique and effective resource where the combination of an active networking, brokering of collaboration and highly relevant resources and knowledge to make data available will enable its stakeholders to accelerate their work.

    Active networking and community-building should be understood as integrated aspects of all activities and resources.


    About 40 stakeholders representing industry, the public sector and academia joined as Founding partners to establish AI Innovation of Sweden. Founding partners will have strategic influence by their participation in the Founder Forum (where they will help set the direction, approve new founding partners, etc. See the section on Governance).

    Additional Partners will be welcomed during Spring 2019. Please contact us for more information. 


    Partnership model

    The partnership model has been defined in order to create incentives for large corporations, SMEs, academic institutions, and public organizations to commit and benefit according to their size, needs and goals, without introducing complex models for engagement. The partnership model is essential for AI Innovation of Sweden and may be changed in the best interest of AI Innovation of Sweden and its partners. Such change must be approved by LSP and the Founder Forum.

    AI Innovation of Sweden shall be neutral and open, and hence continuously open to new partners. New partners are approved by the Steering Committee and join AI Innovation of Sweden through adhering to partner agreement.

    The table below outlines the commitment expected from partners. Partners will commit for an initial period of three years. There should also be a desire and ability to extend the commitment for a second period of three years.



    Contact us for more information about the application process