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Stay up to speed with the latest news and updates on what happens within AI Sweden and in our projects.

Baltic Seabird Hackathon – the Data Factory at work


Last week's hackathon has the potential to impact science and research about the Baltic Sea. During the prize ceremony, marine expert Metta Wiese, WWF, asked all participants and bystanders to take...

Start your AI journey - Matchmaking workshop to match project ideas with expertice


In the Vinnova call “Start your AI journey”, you got the opportunity to apply for funding to start your first innovation project. Participate in the AI Innovation of Sweden matchmaking workshop, and...

Use of AI in Swedish healthcare accelerating thanks to new strong partnership


AI Innovation of Sweden and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) are establishing a new innovation environment so that Swedish healthcare can offer a more information-driven...

Tests with medical data at the Data Factory accelerate research within Scapis


A unique research study within medical image analysis of coronary/cardiac computed tomography angiography images from the Scapis study has been tested this autumn at AI Innovation of Sweden's Data...

Can AI replace your boss?


The development of artificial intelligence (AI) enables broader automisation and the redefinition of a large number of professions. One not-so-talked-about area is the tasks that are traditionally...

Örebro becomes new node in AI Innovation of Sweden


AI Innovation of Sweden is now expanding through a collaboration with AI Impact Lab in Örebro, an initiative that will form the foundation of a new node in the national network. By adding Örebro to...

Pre-planning of new AI node in the Northern Sweden Region


Under the leadership of Luleå Science Park, a pre-study is now commencing with the aim of setting up a Northern node within AI Innovation of Sweden. Luleå University of Technology, IUC North and...

AI Hackathon to teach us more about the Baltic Sea


Guillemots return to the same ledge on Stora Karlsö, outside Gotland every spring, to lay eggs and raise their chicks. This year, they were filmed during their spring months and the extensive material...

Helena will continue development of the ecosystem for AI in Gothenburg


Helena Theander is the new ecosystem- and node manager for AI Innovation of Sweden's hub in Gothenburg. She looks forward to developing value chains by identifying common questions and strengthening...

Meet AI Innovation of Sweden at The Internet Days


The Internet Days is Sweden's most important knowledge hub for everyone who loves the internet, and who wants to discuss the future of digital development. AI Innovation of Sweden will be one of...

Kicking off Vinnovas new datalabs!


During two days, AI Innovation of Sweden had the pleasure to host a really inspiring happening, the kick-off for the eight new datalabs who has been given funding from Vinnova.

AI Innovation of Sweden strengthens the management team with Daniel Gillblad


AI Innovation of Sweden strengthens its management team by recruiting Daniel Gillblad, head of AI research at RISE, as part-time Co-Director - Scientific Vision. This is made possible through a...

Time for Skoltech Machine Learning Summer School


The six Phd students that are chosen to participate in the Machine Learning Summer School at Skoltech, are now in Moscow and have started their course. They have exciting days ahead - during two weeks...

Region Skåne and Mobile Heights collaborate to create a southern Swedish AI Centre


Region Skåne extends its engagement within AI Innovation of Sweden by contributing to the creation of a southern Swedish hub and staking a total of 1.5 million Swedish kronor to ensure that the centre...

Next important development stage for AI Innovation of Sweden


The technical infrastructure for the data factory at AI Innovation of Sweden is now in place and ready to store data. In other words, research and innovation projects within applied AI can be...

A resilient Sweden in the era of AI - a three day program at the Almedalen Week


Going to the the Almedalen Week? AI Innovation of Sweden, together with Swedbank, are presenting "A resilient Sweden in the era of AI", a three day program with seminars and discussions with prominent...

How to best set up a node of AI Innovation of Sweden in the Stockholm region?


The work on the pre-study for the planned AI-node in the Stockholm area has now begun. To get a better understanding of the needs and opportunities that exist, the project started up with four...

National space data lab to develop AI solutions for the good of the planet


A new project is starting up within AI Innovation of Sweden, National Space Data Lab, in cooperation with the Swedish National Space Agency, Rise and Luleå University of Technology. The objective of...

Take part of the seminars - Engineering for the human in an AI fueled future


Hundreds took the chance to listen to Bryan Reimer, Lex Fridman, Philip Anderson and Markus Lingman during a day with the theme "International Outlook - Engineering for the human in an AI fueled...

Steering board established for AI Innovation of Sweden


During AI Innovation of Sweden’s first Founders Forum that was held on 29 May, the steering committee for the coming year was elected.

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New NLP project to improve linguistic understanding in Swedish AI applications


A thoroughly developed base for NLP - Natural Language Processing - is one of the cornerstones of successful AI applications. AI Innovation of Sweden is now starting a project together with our...

Vinnova gives go-ahead for new data labs


Vinnova has approved funding to eight new data labs with the aim to promote the use of data in different areas. Two of these will start up within AI innovation of Sweden together with our partners...

AI Innovation of Sweden initites a pre study regarding a new node in Stockholm


AI Innovation of Sweden at Lindholmen Science Park has previously established a first node in Gothenburg. The next step is now being taken through a pre-study run by Kista Science City.

Educating more than 100,000 Swedes on AI


Sweden has come a long way in terms of digital competence, but still has a lot to learn when it comes to AI. In order to create applications and solutions from research and innovation, a basic...