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Stay up to speed with the latest news and updates on what happens within AI Sweden and in our projects.

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AI Sweden is expanding and is now looking for more talents to help us generate values for partners and contribute to the AI ecosystem. We are currently looking for candidates for the positions of...

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Evaluation data for language models - soon in Swedish

By forming the basis of a national evaluation framework for Swedish language models, the project 'SuperLim' will enable evaluation with regard to both performance and bias. This is a key component in...

Challenge: Can machine learning replace potential cytotoxic labeling of cell cultures?


The AI community is invited to join forces with AI Sweden and AstraZeneca to accelerate the drug development process through machine learning. Teams can now apply for competing in an intense two-week...

Women in AI and AI Sweden start a free AI crash course


AI Sweden and Women in AI have started a joint initiative to increase female representation and participation in the AI community. A crash course to support women to take the step to learn more about...

A new Federated Learning project could solve GDPR-issues


Federated learning is a new way of machine learning with the potential to allow for the use of sensitive data while complying with legal requirements. Together with world leading actors in federated...

We are now AI Sweden!


As you might already have noticed, we are now AI Sweden. Our transition from AI Innovation of Sweden to AI Sweden emphasizes the core of our efforts - to channel all of Sweden’s engagement to increase...

“Start by introducing AI into your core business, not on the periphery”


Göran Lindsjö is one of the Founding Fellows of AI Sweden. He is an acknowledged expert on AI, as well as a speaker who is much in demand. We talked to Göran about AI, the biggest problems and the...

Sweden Innovation Days will put Sweden on the map as a leading AI nation


During the Sweden Innovation Days on 17-19 November, representatives from the national innovation ecosystem, industry, public sector, academia and startups will meet key innovation players from ten...

A blue-themed illustration depicting a map over Sweden with a grid, featuring dots that symbolise the mapping of artificial intelligence

AI-landscape mapping initiative will support the growth of Swedish AI startups


Startups have an important role in creating innovation and growth - especially in the field of AI. This is why we are involved in the mapping of Swedish AI Startups. Together with Ignite Sweden and...

HPE: “Partnership is in our DNA”


Anna Granö, who leads Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Sweden, sees a tremendous value in the partnership with AI Innovation of Sweden. She believes that HPE’s extensive technical experience will...

Building the National Data Factory and Testbed at AI Innovation of Sweden


Technical infrastructure, data, legal frameworks, and know-how will be available for AI Innovation of Sweden’s projects and partners within its emerging Data Factory.

Data and AI are transforming news media


What opportunities and challenges does Data and AI-driven development pose for journalism and the media industry? This new report on AI in the media sector from the innovation program Media &...

MAQS Advokatbyrå – new partner of AI Innovation of Sweden!


AI Innovation of Sweden is expanding through more partners and we are now welcoming the law firm MAQS Advokatbyrå to our network. MAQS joined us in April and is already up and running and actively...

AI will strengthen teaching of the Swedish language


In Vinnova's call for proposals "Test beds to address society's challenges”, 20 new test bed projects in different phases are now being funded to stimulate the capacity to test the development...

AI Innovation of Sweden launches Startup Program


AI Innovation of Sweden has launched its brand new startup program. The aim of the program is to support startups who want to learn more about AI, to connect AI startups to new partners and investors...

Unique opportunity for international collaboration projects - EUREKA Clusters AI Call


The clusters within the international innovation network EUREKA are now for the first time teaming up in a call for proposals focusing on artificial intelligence. The initiative is a unique...

AI Innovation of Sweden to assist in initiative helping public organisations to use AI solutions


The Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, will give public sector the possibility to quickly get expert opinions on potential AI projects. The initiative aims to offload public organisations in the...

Hack the Crisis will help the world fight Corona


The Corona pandemic that has hit us has created the biggest crisis in modern times. Most of the world has been affected and we must act now and use every conceivable force to help solve the crisis. To...

New call from Vinnova will accelerate the shared knowledge in AI research


The aim of the new call from Vinnova, "Staff exchange for applied AI research", is to accelerate the shared knowledge in AI research by offering funding for exchange of staff between countries. AI...

Petra wants to ignite the AI community in Stockholm


The day after the inauguration of AI Innovation of Sweden’s new Stockholm node, Petra Dalunde started her new position as Node Manager for the Greater Stockholm area. During the first month Petra has...

The first results of the Baltic seabird hackathon are in!


In November, AI Innovation of Sweden together with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) organized a hackathon aimed at studying the behavior of...

AI challenges the Media industry


Artificial intelligence and automated services are precipitating major changes. For society and for industries. And journalism and the media are no exception. Data and AI-based technology are growing...

Legal challenges within collaboration projects in focus


The law that relates to the collaborative project is a major challenge, and in the context of AI-related projects, it becomes all the more complicated. Josefine Rembsgård, legal coordinator at AI...

New pre-study will look at the opportunities for a node in East Sweden


A pre-study, that will be conducted during the spring, will give a better understanding of needs and opportunities for a new node of AI Innovation of Sweden in East Sweden.