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Women in AI and AI Sweden start a free AI crash course

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

AI Sweden and Women in AI have started a joint initiative to increase female representation and participation in the AI community. A crash course to support women to take the step to learn more about AI.

Today, there are too few female representatives in AI, something we see needs to change. AI Sweden has started a collaboration with Women in AI to turn this around. A good start is training and education.

This course turns to women who are curious about AI and want to learn more and dive deeper into the field.  It is a free course, with physical meetups in Stockholm but you can also participate online. During the course, you have the chance to dive deeper into AI and machine learning, learn from experts in the field and discuss with like-minded. You will also have the chance to join the growing community of Women in AI.

"It is great that we can support this initiative! We really need more women in technology and especially within the field of AI" says Raquel Sanchez, Acting Head of Training & Learning at AI Sweden

The program takes the form of a series of four meetups where we will go through the course Elements of AI. More about Elements of AI 

The course will start on October 7! 

Interested? Read more here! 

Women in AI
Women in AI (WAI) is a nonprofit working towards gender-inclusive AI that benefits global society. WAIs mission is to increase female representation and participation in AI. WAI is a community-driven initiative bringing empowerment, knowledge and active collaboration via education, research and events. Read more