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Vinnova gives go-ahead for new data labs

Monday, May 27, 2019

Vinnova has approved funding to eight new data labs with the aim to promote the use of data in different areas. Two of these will start up within AI innovation of Sweden together with our partners; Swedish Language Data Lab (Svenskt Språkdatalabb) and the Swedish Space Data Lab (Nationella Rymddatalabbet)

Access to large amounts of data is important, not least for the development and innovation in the arena of artificial intelligence (AI), for this reason Vinnova has now invested in eight new data labs that will promote the use of data in different areas.

- We expect significantly more data-driven innovations to be developed with social and economic values. The value of data does not exist in the collection but in the use for increased learning and better decision-making processes. The data lab will help ensure that data is of high quality and is of an extent that enables development within AI, says Erik Borälv, responsible for the call for proposals.

Swedish Language Data Lab and the National Swedish Space Data Lab will be the first projects that will be driven within AI Innovation of Sweden.

Swedish Language Data Lab (Svenskt Språkdatalabb)

The objective of the Swedish Language Data Lab is to create a national knowledge node within Natural Language Processing and to develop Swedish reference data sets for NLP which will be made accessible with open access in AI Innovation of Sweden's data factory. The Swedish Language Data Lab project will be operated by AI Innovation of Sweden in collaboration with partners including Recorded FutureGavagai, Talkamatic, SKL and Språkbanken and a reference group consisting of a wide range of needs owners from various fields. Read more about the project here.

National Swedish Space Data Lab (Nationellt Rymddatalabb)

National Swedish Space Data Lab is aiming to increase the use of data from space for the development of society and industry and for the best of the globe. The project will be developed by Swedish National Space Agency, RISE and Luleå University and coordinated by AI Innovation of Sweden. Read more about the project here

Except for these two projects, Vinnova has decided to give funding to a total of 8 datalabs in different areas:

  • Ocean Data Factory
    A data factory focusing on sea and marine that wants to enable Sweden to be a global leader for sustainability and innovation in the digital blue economy.  Coordinator: University of Gothenburg

  • National Forest Data Lab
    The forest data lab offers an infrastructure for accessing satellite data, geodata from forest and comprehensive mapping. Coordinator: The Swedish Forest Agency

  • KoDa – Public Transport Data Lab
    Public transport's data lab ins based on and provides further data in real-time format along with historical data and annotated data sets. Coordinator: RISE

  • Data lab for business data as national resource
    The data lab will create the conditions for the development of innovative by making business data, APIs and tools available. Coordinator: The Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket)

  • Establishment of data lab for the forest digital chain
    The environment will offer tools and methods to enable new innovations for the actors in the forest industry. The data lab will create good conditions for using AI in innovation development and focus on the forest value chain from the forest to the industry. Coordinator: Biometria