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Students and non-profit organizations collaborate to harness AI for social good

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Last week, AI Sweden launched its new talent program, part of the project AI for Impact. Over the next ten weeks, 15 students will collaborate with five non-profit organizations to develop innovative AI solutions that address social challenges.

A group of young AI talents all wearing AI Sweden caps

Organizations participating in the program and their AI projects:

  • UNICEF Sweden: Using AI to analyze data and reduce donor attrition, increasing cost-efficiency in fundraising.
  • The Swedish Sea Rescue Society: Implementing predictive maintenance to improve fleet performance and reduce downtime.
  • Red Cross (Umeå Division): Developing a real-time voice translation app for better communication with migrants.
  • Mind: AI-driven system for translating and summarizing research articles on mental health, making information more accessible to the public.
  • Reach for Change: Integrating AI tools into an online platform to support social entrepreneurs with resource navigation and impact measurement.

Funded by, AI Sweden's AI for Impact project aims to empower Swedish social entrepreneurs from underserved communities, social impact companies, and non-profit organizations dedicated to social good. The project includes several initiatives designed to raise awareness about the potential of AI in creating positive social change and to develop practical use cases. A key initiative is the summer talent program, where students assist organizations in integrating AI into their operations.

“We see AI as a catalyst for positive change. We must invest in these non-profit organizations that often lack the resources to develop and implement new technology. With support from, we can help these organizations streamline their work and enhance their ability to assist the target groups they serve. Together, we can use technology to make a real difference,” says Carl Norling Markai, Impact Initiative Developer at AI Sweden. 

The students, studying at Uppsala, Linköping, Lund and Stockholm University, as well as KTH and Chalmers, will work on a diverse range of use cases, such as developing chatbots, conducting text analysis, and other innovative AI applications. These use cases aim to streamline operations, enhance outreach efforts, and improve service delivery for the participating non-profits.

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AI Sweden, with funding from, is running the AI for Impact project, which aims to...

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Photo of Carl Norling Markai
Carl Norling Markai
Impact Initiative Developer
+46 (0)70-588 05 72

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