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Startup partners have tripled since launch of AI Sweden’s Startup Program

AI Sweden is now counting 28 AI startup partners after recently welcoming 18 new partners. This number has tripled since the launch of the Startup Program in May 2020.

Startups play an important role in speeding up innovation as well as commercialization and adoption of new technologies. This is true for all deep technologies and certainly in the field of AI. In addition, AI brings a huge potential for positive impact on society and businesses. At the same time, AI technologies often need longer time to reach market-ready maturity and also require significant investments to develop and scale. 

AI Sweden invites our AI Startup partners to participate in challenge-driven projects in collaboration with our other partners in the private and public sectors, academia and authorities. They are also welcome to access other offerings such as the Data Factory and Edge Lab infrastructures. 

"In order to accelerate applied AI in Sweden, we want to provide the best possible support to help our AI startups to scale. I am so pleased to see the growing interest in joining our AI startup program. Our ambition is to boost AI startups by providing valuable AI technology resources and facilitate collaborations", says Katarina Fégeant, startup program manager at AI Sweden.

Read more on the Startup Program here >

Please reach out to Katarina Fégeant if you want to join or learn more!


Startup Program Manager

Katarina Fégeant

+46 (0)766-33 73 13