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Start your AI journey - Matchmaking workshop to match project ideas with expertice

Saturday, November 23, 2019

In the Vinnova call “Start your AI journey”, you got the opportunity to apply for funding to start your first innovation project. Participate in the AI Innovation of Sweden matchmaking workshop, and get the chance to connect and together apply for funding from the Vinnova call.

Are you a business or a public organization with potential to benefit from artificial intelligence and would like to start your first innovation project to build knowledge and capacity within the domain? Or are you an AI expert or developer?  Then this is a call for you.

Vinnova would like to increase SMEs and public sector AI experience, competence and knowledge within AI. In the Vinnova call “Start your AI journey”, you got the opportunity to apply for funding to start your innovation project. 

About the call 

The call is adressed to SMEs and public organizations, who want to start its first practical AI project. Through the funding, you can get help to  develope a shorter project to evaluate, build knowledge of and internally demonstrate the potential of AI.

The project may include e.g. processing of existing data or testing AI functions using Machine Learning (ML). The project should have the potential to lead to a concrete benefit for the organization, e.g. in the form of efficiency, insights or improvement / development of products, services and processes. 

For your project, you can apply for up to 500,000 SEK from Vinnova and the contribution can represent up to 75% of the total costs of the project. Read more about the Vinnova call

Find the right expertice and partner for your project 

As a business or organization taking it´s first step into AI and ML, the need of expertice is important. AI Innovation of Sweden is therefor now arranging a match-making workshop were we want to connect project idea owners with AI experts and developers.

During the workshop you will get the possibilty to present your idea and find the right competence to bring it forward.

As an AI expert you will get the possibility to show your expertice and meet the project idea owners and discuss how you together can make an exciting applied project.

Time: December 10
Venue: AI Innovation of Sweden, Gothenburg

Read more and register here