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Revisiting Data Factory Day and the grand opening of Edge Lab

At the end of January, we invited all partners to listen in on a full three hours demonstrating how you can make the most of the Data Factory. The Data Factory and its newly opened Edge Lab play a key role in AI Sweden’s mission to accelerate the use of AI. No matter where you are on your AI journey, there are opportunities for all partners to AI Sweden to engage in the Data Factory.

We were very happy to see so many of you join us for the Data Factory Day! The full stream is now available on YouTube so check it out above, or keep reading to learn more about some of the highlights.

The Edge Lab - a world-unique environment 

As a response to the growing need for efficient and safe data handling, the ribbon has now been cut on a world-unique addition to the Data Factory - the Edge Lab. The Edge Lab, physically built in Gothenburg, is a joint initiative between HPE, Zenseact, Ericsson, and Volvo Cars. The incentives for using the Edge Lab to explore distributed learning on the edge are many, and are shared across sectors.


The Edge Lab is open to all AI Sweden partners to leverage and set up projects in. As with the Data Factory in general, you can connect to the Edge Lab from anywhere in Sweden, and it is also possible to expand its physical presence to other AI Sweden nodes. This demonstrates the potential to combine learnings and conclusions from different regions in Sweden, and as Sophie Tressing, Zenseact, pointed out during the Data Factory Day, this is important since it means they can scale up their research and development cases that way. 

See the opening tour and presentations by Mats Nordlund and Kim Henriksson, both at AI Sweden/Zenseact, joined by Anna Granö, Johan Fondin, Peter Werdenhoff at HPE, as well as Antonio Neri, CEO and President of HPE here

Take part of the sandbox use cases by Andreas Hellander, Scaleout Systems (here); Sheetal Reddy, AI Sweden (here); and Sofie Tressing, Zenseact (here). 

Engage in the Data Factory and Edge Lab

We would love to see more partners getting involved in the Data Factory and Edge Lab. On top of state-of-the-art compute and storage, you can take part of the foundational legal, technical, and infrastructure knowledge and competence; train models and share and collaborate on datasets; and explore the opportunities of distributed learning on the edge. Have a look at what our partners have been doing so far - we hope this will inspire you to identify your own project or challenge and make the most of the Data Factory while addressing it.

Watch the general introduction to the Data Factory here, and deep-dive into the partner presentations of the Data Factory offerings below.

  • See the demo by Christian Gustavsson and Simon Janeck, CGit, of the Data Factory storage and compute infrastructure as a ‘Turnkey Solution’, here. Together with the Edge Lab, this builds the opportunity for partners to access the environment to explore data factory solutions.
  • CGit’s ‘AiQu scheduler’ is an example of Data Factory’s collaborative toolchain development. It’s an important factor of ensuring optimal efficiency in Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). AiQu will also be available to Data Factory users as a service in a couple of months. Learn more about it here.
  • The short-movie 'Grab Them' and 'Language models for Swedish authorities' are two projects that have benefited from Data Factory’s offer to provide resources to train models. Here, you can see the presentation by Paul Blomgren DoVan and John Harrysson at Gothenburg Film Studios about Data Factory’s role in realising their idea of meeting the “increased need to adopt a critical stance to what we hear and see in the media”. Agrin Hilmkil, Peltarion, elaborated on the processing speed of the Data Factory and how “it allows completely new workflows”. See his presentation on 'Active learning for low resource languages' here.
  • In the above two cases, the training of models has been enabled by the users bringing their own, or an open, dataset into the Data Factory. Henrik Kaijser, Volvo Group, demonstrated how it is also possible to also share and benefit from existing datasets and models. He presented the latest dataset addition, the Volvo Highway Dataset - you find the presentation here
  • There is a range of examples of how partners engage in the Data Factory to create and share knowledge. Hear Linn Samuelsson from MAQS Law Firm and Ebba discuss the legal and compliance aspects of the Data Factory and the applied projects here. These questions are also parts of what is being discussed in the Legal Expert Group. Mikael Klintberg and Ola Ericsson, AI Sweden, shared insights from industry and academia and invited partners to get a deeper understanding of this in the recently started Infrastructure Expert Group - see their presentation here. Finally, the ‘Meet a data scientist’-offering “has been developed as an offer to kickstart partners in their AI journey”. Peter Bleckert from Qamcom talked about how this helps partners in learning to implement AI, here.

Reach out if you want to learn more about the Data Factory!

Project Manager Data Factory

Ebba Josefson Lindqvist

+46 (0)73- 254 29 03