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Renewed AI maturity assessment strengthens Östgötatrafiken's strategic development

Monday, June 17, 2024

Östgötatrafiken recently conducted its second AI maturity assessment in collaboration with AI Sweden, and it became clear that several steps forward have been taken since the first assessment. AI maturity assessment allows organizations to map their strengths and weaknesses in the use of AI, which is crucial for developing an effective strategy and implementing the technology successfully.

‘It's great to see how much has happened at Östgötatrafiken since the last assessment: several pilot projects and a clear increase in data maturity," says Astrid Sjögren, Project Manager at AI Sweden.

Ongoing workshop showing Astrid Sjögren presenting in front of team Östgötatrafiken

Astrid Sjögren, AI Sweden, presenting during the AI maturity assessment workshop

As a first step, a survey was sent out to various departments at Östgötatrafiken, including the management team, IT administration, the public transport sector, and the marketing department. The survey results were then analyzed during a joint workshop led by Project Manager Astrid Sjögren and AI Change Agent Lucas Ambjörn, both from AI Sweden. The workshop provided a clear picture of how a clear AI strategy can improve the understanding of the technology within the organization and how it can best be implemented.

A group of people (Staff from Östgötatrafiken) around a conference table

Workshop: Östgötatrafiken and AI Sweden

"We are at the start of our AI journey, and some of the questions in the survey were therefore quite difficult to answer. One lesson learned is not to focus on the individual questions, which became clear at the follow-up workshop. The maturity assessment and workshop were both competence-enhancing in AI and gave us insights into what activities we need to do to continue our journey," says Therese Furhoff, Chief of Staff Östgötatrafiken.

A portrait of a woman named Therese Furhoff

Therese Furhoff

The results showed, among other things, a clear progression since the last assessment, which was carried out in 2022. Communication and an increased understanding of AI were identified as key factors for further development within the organization. The long-term goal is to raise AI competence broadly among staff, which will make Östgötatrafiken a leading player in the field when it comes to the use of AI in public transport.

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For more information, contact

Astrid Sjögren
Astrid Sjögren
Project Manager
+46 (0)70-812 95 72
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Sara Karlsson
Ecosystem and Partner manager: SMEs
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