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Pre-planning of new AI node in the Northern Sweden Region

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Under the leadership of Luleå Science Park, a pre-study is now commencing with the aim of setting up a Northern node within AI Innovation of Sweden. Luleå University of Technology, IUC North and Region Norrbotten have been involved from the very beginning, the ambition being to build an representation that involves partners from Kiruna in the North to Sundsvall in the South.

Within the company framework, so-called nodes are being set up around the country with a view to further accelerating the application of AI. The first node is in place in Gothenburg and the new feasibility study is a first step in the process of setting up a node in Northern Sweden.

Initially, the working group was comprised of regional partners from Luleå Science ParkLuleå University of TechnologyIUC Norr and Region Norrbotten. A steering group will now be set up, to reflect a greater part of the intended geography.

Northern Sweden Luleå Science Park leads the progress towards a Northern AI node

"Developments are progressing quickly in this area. Swedish companies must continue to be relevant in an international perspective and it is important that we in the Northern part of the country should occupy a strong position in future. A national collaborative project of this type also has the potential to make this new technology accessible to the people who live here." says Tore Johnsson, CEO of Luleå Science Park.

Project manager for the pre-study is Anders OE Johansson, who is an experienced project 

manager with broad competences in Industrial IT, digitalisation and automation. Anders has built and developed projects from their early stages, both nationally and internationally and on several occasions. His network of contacts will be a major asset to this feasibility study. 

Because AI is expected to produce enormous opportunities and impact, for both business and welfare, it is important that Northern Sweden’s resources and initiatives are made visible and are strengthened, as well as doing so in a national context.” says Anders OE Johansson. 

For AI Innovation of Sweden the new Northern node will be a great asset for the Swedish AI eco-system. 

"We are very pleased that Luleå Science Park will be participating in the establishment of a node in Northern Sweden. The discussion so far reflects the high level of ambition that we want to maintain at AI Innovation of Sweden and I look forward, alongside Luleå Science Park and relevant stakeholders, to progressing AI in both the private and the public sector.” says Martin Svensson, Co-Director Operations, AI Innovation of Sweden.

Work on the pre-study has started and the node is expected to be fully operational during the first quarter of next year. In addition to the coming node in Northern Sweden, pre-studies are also being conducted for nodes in Greater Stockholm and South Sweden.

Project managers from the new nodes gathered: Malin Larsson, South Sweden, Anders OE Johansson, Nort Sweden, Helena Theander, Gothenburg and Agneta Jacobson, Stockholm.