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Over 100 executives gather to discuss the strategic importance of AI

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Today, June 19, more than 100 executives from the private and public sectors gathered to share insights and best practices for implementing AI. These executives are currently participating in or have recently completed the AI for Executives course, a collaborative effort between Stockholm University, Uppsala University, Gothenburg University, and AI Sweden.

Ongoing conference/lecture

Photo: Jens Olof Lasthein/Stockholm University.

AI for Executives is designed for leaders and senior executives, developed by the executive education units at Stockholm University, Uppsala University, and Gothenburg University, in collaboration with AI Sweden.

This program marks the first initiative to unite the executive education units of Sweden's three largest universities to deliver a national executive program. The initiative underscores the strategic importance and urgency of engaging leaders in the development and adoption of AI.

Participants gained knowledge, expert insights, and practical approaches to lead the transformation and implementation of AI in their organizations and industries.

"It's great to see the increasing interest and engagement in discussing AI as a leadership issue. For many organizations, AI is a strategic necessity and requires a strong commitment from management," says Raquel Broman, Head of Training & Learning at AI Sweden.

Following the success of the executive program, "AI for Executives" is now launching a one-day course aimed at board members to help them understand how their roles are affected by the acceleration of AI adoption. Learn more about AI for Boards.

Learn more about the program AI for Executives:

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