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Örebro becomes new node in AI Innovation of Sweden

Friday, October 25, 2019

AI Innovation of Sweden is now expanding through a collaboration with AI Impact Lab in Örebro, an initiative that will form the foundation of a new node in the national network. By adding Örebro to the network, AI Innovation of Sweden is now developing five nodes together with partners across Sweden.

The new node in Örebro, will be hosted by AI Impact Lab -  a collaboration between Örebro University and Region Örebro County.

'AI Impact Lab was launched by Örebro University and Region Örebro County at the beginning of the summer. The idea is that AI Impact Lab should work as an entry point to AI competence within the educational sphere and to make it possible for industry and the public sector to benefit from AI research in their activities. And it is specifically the combination of many strong parties that makes the Örebro region so suitable as an AI hub,' says Örebro University Vice-Chancellor Johan Schnürer.

AI Impact Lab will now start the work with establishing the new node, and introduce AI Innovation of Sweden to it's present partners. 

'We will go to all of our industrial partners and secure their commitment to establishing the hub and, not lastly, accelerated application of AI,' says Amy Loutfi, Pro-vice-chancellor for artificial intelligence at Örebro University.

'When becoming a partner in AI Innovation of Sweden, you gain access and contribute to a network, resources, knowledge and data in order to speed up your AI development and it is very advantageous for both the private and public sector that a hub is now being established in Örebro. It is a matter of being able to work together with projects, resources, knowledge and other initiatives that drive the application of AI', Amy continues

The node in Örebro will, among other things, work with health issues, something both AI Innovation of Sweden and Region Örebro County see as an important condition.

There is a critical mass of AI competence in Örebro

'The fact that Örebro region is becoming a hub in the work with AI development is a recognition of the efforts we have made and the efforts we plan to make. It will help us improve our strength in the work on regional development, competitive strength and innovative capability,' says Irén Lejegren (S),  Regional Council and Chair in Region Örebro County's head of regional growth.

'The university has established  internationally recognised AI research over a long time. We also have a region that has seen which unique strategic conditions Örebro has to offer. Without the dynamic between the university and region, it would have been difficult, but thanks to our collaboration with each other and with partners like Alfred Nobel Science Park and Inkubera, we have assembled a critical mass of AI competence. The AI hub also fits in outstandingly well as part of the university's new innovation arena,' Johan Schnürer continues.

'We are very impressed by the dedicated and long-term efforts by Örebro University and Region Örebro Country for research, education and innovation, and I really look forward to the work together with AI Impact Lab, the region and the university to develop both the regional and national efforts within AI Innovation of Sweden for the best of region and Sweden's best,' says Martin Svensson, Co-Director at AI Innovation of Sweden.

About AI Impact Lab
Örebro University and Region Örebro County are strengthening the region's development within artificial intelligence with the help of the AI Impact Lab. The idea is that it will function as a meeting place at the university where companies and the public sector can obtain new knowledge about the latest development within AI. Read more here