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Next important development stage for AI Innovation of Sweden

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The technical infrastructure for the data factory at AI Innovation of Sweden is now in place and ready to store data. In other words, research and innovation projects within applied AI can be accelerated. CGit, the core technology partner of AI Innovation of Sweden is behind the technical solution.

With its partnership, CGIT is donating important data power and access to expert to consultants to the numerous AI projects that AI Innovation of Sweden will launch in the near future.

Now that the initial version of the technical infrastructure is in place, the data factory is ready to operate at full capacity.

'The donation means that we are now fully equipped and well-prepared to receive the initial data sets,' explains Carl Lindberg, Data Factory Manager at AI Innovation of Sweden.

'The data factory is a national resource that can be accessed by partners wherever they are in Sweden. In addition to the available data sets, the data factory offers a powerful computing capacity, which is necessary to be able to work efficiently with AI. Our partners and researchers will be able to use the data to work individually or together with other on academic or pre-commercial research projects,' continues Carl Lindberg.

A proven platform optimised for AI development
The platform on which the data factory's infrastructure is based is called AIRI (AI Ready Infrastructure) and is currently used by many leading companies within AI development throughout the world and by Swedish companies which develop technology for autonomous vehicles, among other things.

CGit, which provides the platform, is pioneering in Sweden in solutions specially developed for Deep Learning and development of AI and, with their data centres, will be able to deliver very high performance and expertise to AI Innovation of Sweden. All data centres are localised here in Sweden and owned by CGit, which means that sensitive data can also be managed.

'CGit is the perfect partner for us, because they have deep and, in many ways, difficult-to-access technical expertise relating to AI infrastructure,' says Carl Lindberg.

'We at CGit are very proud to be a part of the major endeavour. I look forward to contributing to the success of all of the exciting AI projects that will be started,' says Petter Ahlén of CGit.


About CGit
CGit AB has been active within the design and development of IT infrastructure, including data centres, security, management, hosting, networks and communication and backup/DR, among other areas. CGit is a public corporation and is listed on the Spotlight market. CGIT has been a core technology partner with AI Innovation of Sweden since May of this year About AI Innovation of Sweden
AI Innovation of Sweden is a national concentration of forces that accelerates innovation and research work for implementation of AI with the overall long-term goal of strengthening the competitive force of Swedish industry and Swedish welfare. By providing meeting places, networks, project resources, data and domain knowledge, AI Innovation of Sweden enables, initiates and drives projects within applied AI. AI Innovation of Sweden is financed by Vinnova and Region Västra Götaland and around forty partners from industry, the public sector, research institutions and academics.
The initiative is officially hosted by Lindholmen Science Park AB. Read more at