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New pre-study will look at the opportunities for a node in East Sweden

Monday, February 17, 2020

A pre-study, that will be conducted during the spring, will give a better understanding of needs and opportunities for a new node of AI Innovation of Sweden in East Sweden.

The result is to provide a recommendation on how the future node should take shape and be funded, and it will also contain a long-term plan for a larger venture. The work with the pre-study will continue towards node establishment during 2020.

The project is led by Science Park Mjärdevi and carried out by RISE and Linköping University in collaboration with Region Östergötland and AI Innovation of Sweden, with financing from Vinnova.

"Through our commitment to AI innovation of Sweden, our companies in the region can take part of the national platform, participate in relevant initiatives and activities, and get help building the right competence in AI.”

“We have a rich and diversified business sector in the region. We have strong competence in industry and IT, but also in sectors such as trade, energy, agriculture and healthcare. Regardless of the industry, there is a need to apply new technology to ensure future competitiveness" , tells Lena Miranda, CEO at Science Park Mjärdevi.

“As a Science Park, we hope to use our independent platform to connect players from business, academia and public organizations who may have common interests and complementary skills for future development projects.”

Project manager for the pre-study is Niclas Fock, Research & Business Director at RISE, who will drive the project in collaboration with Karin Ackerholm from Linköping University.

AI Innovation of Sweden has already established nodes in Gothenburg, Örebro, Greater Stockholm and southern Sweden, and a pre-study is also underway in Northern Sweden.