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Meet AI Innovation of Sweden at The Internet Days

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Internet Days is Sweden's most important knowledge hub for everyone who loves the internet, and who wants to discuss the future of digital development. AI Innovation of Sweden will be one of several organizers of the Internet Days 2019, and will host one day of full focus at AI November 25.

During two days, November 25-26, more than 2 500 people will meet at Waterfront in Stockholm to gain new and in-depth knowledge of the internet and the impact of digitalization on society. 

AI Innovation of Sweden has got the opportunity to act as one of the co-organizers and is hosting one of the tracks November 25. During a full day, we will focus on Artificial Intelligence and Sweden's position within the field.

What is being done nationally to accelerate development of AI? How can the the Swedes and the Swedish companies step up in order for Sweden to keep up with the development and increase competitiveness?

Welcome to a day of lectures, discussions and panels about our society and our future!

From the program

  • 9.00 Key-note session, Danah Boyd 
  • 10.30 Introduction - What is AIInnovation of Sweden?
  • 10.45 Sweden's status in AI - Is Sweden really one of the world's most modern countries?
  • 11.35 Artificiell Intelligens -What is everyone really talking about?
  • 12.15 Elements of AI - Educating 100,000 swedes’
  • 13.15 Key-note session, David Rowan
  • 14.00 Neural networks and the AI ​​of the future
  • 15.30 A national data factory - for the new industry
  • 16.00 The welfare of the future - powered by AI
  • 17.00 Key-note session, Max Schrems  

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About the conference
The Internet Days is Sweden's most important knowledge hub for everyone who loves the internet. The conference is organized by The Swedish Internet Foundation and takes place November 25-26 in Stockholm. The Swedish Internet Foundation is an independent, business-driven and non-profit organization, who works for an internet that contributes positively to people and society. This year The Internet Days celebrate 20 years. Read more