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Kicking off Vinnovas new datalabs!

Friday, September 20, 2019

During two days, AI Innovation of Sweden had the pleasure to host a really inspiring happening, the kick-off for the eight new datalabs who has been given funding from Vinnova.

Around 30 representatives from the datalabs all over the country where joining the kick-off workshop at AI Innovation of Sweden. During two days they got together to network and share their idéas and plans with each other. The datalabs cover a wide range of areas - space, forest, the Swedish language, ocean data, company information and much more. But even if the subjects differs between the datalabs, they had a lot in common and a big opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

"The meeting gave several of the lab insights on which areas they have common development interests with and where they can get advantage of sharing resources with the others. It is clear that access to data and to become more data-driven in operations has become an increasingly important issue in a number of areas", says Erik Borälv from Vinnova who was arranging the workshop.

The eight datalabs was a part of Vinnovas call Data driven innovation -  Data lab and data factory as a national resource - that cover thematic data labs that function as a sector´s data source and are used in Artificial Intelligence.

Take part of the film from the gathering by Anders Frick (in Swedish)

Interested to start a new datalab? Vinnova is now announcing for new datalabs, with last application date Nov 7.  Read more at