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Introducing AI Labs Special Lectures

Monday, June 3, 2024

In AI Sweden’s international network you find some of the world’s leading AI experts. Now, they are ready to start sharing their expertise with AI Sweden’s partner network. They represent expertise ranging from the mathematical sciences to executive and political leadership. “We are excited to launch the AI Labs Special Lectures series,” says Mats Nordlund, Director of AI Labs.

“This is a series where the most distinguished experts in our network share their knowledge and experience and make themselves available to our partners for discussions.”

A picture of Mats Nordlund

Mats Nordlund

On June 5, Dr. Robert (“Bobby”) Bridges, Senior Research Mathematician at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Cyber Resilience and Intelligence Division, will make a deep dive into one of the most pressing challenges organizations face when using AI on sensitive data: How to train and use AI models on private data without risking sensitive information leak to the outside?

In his talk, Dr. Bridges will discuss the concept of differential privacy and the mathematics behind it before explaining how adding randomness to the training data can strengthen privacy aspects.

“This particular talk is for engineers, scientists, and developers, but coming lectures in the lecture series will also touch topics relevant for decision makers at all levels in the private and public sectors,” says Mats Nordlund. The first talk in this series was “Picking The Right Screwdriver: Perspectives on The Future of Human Centered AI” by Dr. Bryan Reimer from MIT. This talk targeted decision makers and leaders developing solutions and regulations for AI.

“The need for international collaboration, learning together and from international thought leaders, is a key part of An AI Strategy for Sweden. This lecture series provides an excellent opportunity for AI Sweden’s partners to keep up with the rapidly evolving developments in all areas related to AI that we can see in the world around us,” says Mats Nordlund.

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