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HPE: “Partnership is in our DNA”

Monday, June 29, 2020

Anna Granö, who leads Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Sweden, sees a tremendous value in the partnership with AI Innovation of Sweden. She believes that HPE’s extensive technical experience will be a great contribution in establishing the eco-system around AI Innovation of Sweden. “The ultimate goal is to make Sweden a leading nation in AI, it is critical not to fall behind in order for Swedish companies to stay competitive,” says Anna.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) became an official partner of AI Innovation of Sweden in April this year. One of the first HPE initiatives was within the area of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps).

MLOps is a practice for collaboration and communication between data scientists and operations professionals to efficiently manage AI in production. This initiative is set up as a collaboration together with AI Innovation of Sweden and its partner companies in order to learn, develop and test different solutions in this field. In addition, HPE contributes to the development of the national testbed for Data Factories at AI Innovation of Sweden. HPE leading researcher and Technology Fellow from HPE is a member of the international expert group, providing advice to the Data Factory project and several other senior technical experts from France, USA, and India are engaged in different initiatives at the Data Factory.

Partnerships are part of our DNA and we are convinced that, to succeed, innovation must take place in a partnership characterized by openness where expertise and skills are brought together. 

“We believe that AI Innovation of Sweden is set up in a way that promotes collaboration and that is critical in order to be successful. Partnerships are part of our DNA and we are convinced that, to succeed, innovation must take place in a partnership characterized by openness where expertise and skills are brought together. We want to have a win-to-win setup,” says Anna Granö, Managing Director HPE Sweden.

In what way do you currently work with AI in your projects?

“As a concrete example, we are working on AI in a project with Zenuity. Our technology and services help enable Zenuity to collect data from test cars and to transport data to where the data is to be analysed. This is to empower the developers of Zenuity to easily test and develop the AI software. It is essential to be able to handle data in a simple way and that is what we are doing in the project with Zenuity.”

HPE is now heavily engaged in the planning of Data Factory 2021 architecture, orchestration and automations design (e.g., MLOps) to allow other partners to explore what they can do with this while giving valuable user feedback to HPE. Another example of an initiative is a project on distributed learning where HPE will participate. HPE’s first contribution in this project was an online seminar on “Swarm Learning” which was held on June 17 for all partners of AI Innovation of Sweden. At this seminar HPE showed their solution and what can be achieved. This is a critical initiative since it has the potential to solve a lot of the questions around data regulations, security and also ethics within AI.

Mats Nordlund, Acting Head of the Data Factory at AI Innovation of Sweden is positive:

“HPE’s values closely matches AI Innovation of Sweden ́s vision to accelerate applied AI research and innovation through collaboration and cross-industry sharing. It is great to see how HPE, an innovation leader in the area of data factories, engages its experts from three continents with experts from us to further explore exciting applications and technology. We expect this to result in identifying new opportunities to develop additional functionality for future data factories which will be to the benefits of all partners of AI Innovation of Sweden.”

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