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Hackathon on ‘Smart transportation infrastructure’ using data from Swedish Space Data Lab

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Campus2030, together with AI Sweden and additional partners, invites teams and individuals to next week’s hackathon on creating smart transportation infrastructure. The Swedish Space Data Lab supports the hackathon with satellite data.

Smart transportation infrastructure is a key component in a sustainable society. Autonomous cars communicating directly with the infrastructure, and maintenance-free roads are some examples. In the hackathon “Create your own smart infrastructure”, organised by Campus2030 with partners, the participants are challenged to come up with concepts that target sustainable implementation of smart transportation infrastructure. The teams are aided by satellite data from the Swedish Space Data Lab and its Open Data Cube (ODC). The ODC contains sentinel data from the European Union's Earth Observation Programme Copernicus

The core mission of the Swedish Space Data Lab is to increase the use and accessibility of space data. This hackathon therefore provides a great opportunity to apply Swedish Space Data Lab data to new areas. Moreover, the participants will have access to extensive data sets from smart construction, road performance and autonomous driving.

The satellite data from the Swedish Space Data Lab has previously formed the basis of the Space Data Hackathon in February as well as the Copernicus Hackathon in September, leading to solutions tackling, for instance, cloud occlusion and prediction of road surface condition. 

We look forward to getting inspired by the ideas generated in the hackathon, and wish everyone the best of luck!


The hackathon is now closed, click here to see the winnings solutions! 




About the hackathon
The hackathon takes place from 8 December 20.00 to 9 December 18.00. It is organised by Campus2030 - a three-year project that enables partnership in sustainable and systemic solutions for smart infrastructure and led by the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering at KTH. A number of organisations and non-profit organisations are supporting the hackathon, such as Stockholm Stad, Trafikverket, Women in AI Sweden, and the AI Sweden start-up partner Univrses.