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First ever landscape of Swedish AI startups presented

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

During the launch event, which was held online on October 20, the first version of the Swedish AI Landscape Map was presented. The map contains a total of 89 approved AI startups and scaleups, which have been selected on criteria such as their use of AI, scalability, access to and use of data, and AI skills of their personnel.

Startups have an important role in creating innovation and growth, especially in the field of AI. That is why AI Sweden, Ignite Sweden and RISE are launching the first ever curated landscape of Swedish AI startups. The landscape will serve as a quality stamp for the selected startups, providing important intel and lowering thresholds for the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, investors, government, and academia that have an interest in AI startups.

For this verst version, a total of 89 Swedish startups have been selected and categorized by their area of expertise. The selection has been made by an evaluation committee, on the basis of criterias such as the companies use of AI, scalability, access to and use of data, and AI skills of their personnel. 

To the full list of startups 

The landscape is curated by an evaluation committee with representatives from investors, large companies, academia, startups, and incubators, and will be extended over time.

The next update of the landscape will take place on the 17th of November.

Part of an ongoing European initiative

The mapping of AI startups is a part of an ongoing European initiative to create a landscape of AI startups in each country. Within the framework of the Swedish-German Innovation Partnership, Sweden will, after Germany, be the second country to provide a curated landscape of their national AI startups.

This initiative is creating bridges between European countries, enhancing Europe's capabilities to be innovative, create value for citizens, and compete globally. In fact, startups are a national resource that can be tools for the whole society for the digital transformation," says Marie Wall, startup expert at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

“Being present in this landscape has great potential to serve as a door opener to attracting new Swedish and international customers and partners. This will allow us to help even more children to reach their full reading potential and education organizations to drive literacy development in a completely new and data-driven way", says Martin Sjöstrand, founder and CEO, Lexplore.


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