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The first AI Innovation of Sweden Partner week is a wrap!

AI Innovation of Swedens has now had it´s first Partner week, a four day online conference dedicated to our Partners. We broadcasted live every morning and each day had different themes with presentations and panel discussions. A four day conference that won't be our last!

We started off this week with a solid agenda and high expectations. The topic for the first day was "Projects" where we presented The Swedish Space data lab, The Baltic Seabird Hackathon and our projects within NLP. The week continued with presentation of our education-portfolio, updates on the Data Factory and discussion about legal aspects of handling data from our Legal coordinators. At the end of the week we focused on what our partners are doing in their AI-projects and what they want to do in the future. We ended up with a presentation of our new Start-up program and talked about the next step within our organization for accelerating Swedish AI.

It has been really great days and a big thanks to all our amazing partners for sharing your competence and ideas! We are happy to have you on board and thank you all for listening!

You can take part of all the presentations below.

DAY 1 - Monday May 11

Theme: The project portfolio and AI-projects 

Welcome and introduction (5 min) - Peter Kurzwelly and Johanna Bergman, AI Innovation of Sweden
How we strengthen the AI ecosystem (20 min) - Daniel Gillblad, Co-Director Scientific Vision, AI Innovation of Sweden
Project portfolio (8 min) - Johanna Bergman, Head of Project Portfolio, AI Innovation of Sweden
The Swedish Space Data Lab (20 min) - Viktor Lehtonen, AI Innovation of Sweden, Tobias Edman, Rymdstyrelsen and Ann-Christin Ericsson, RISE ICT
The Baltic Sea Bird Hackathon (20 min) - Sheetal Reddy, AI Innovation of Sweden and Jonas Hentati Sundberg, Associate Senior Lecturer at Department of Aquatic Resources, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
The Swedish Language Data Lab and NLP-projects  (25 min ) - Isabelle Johansson, AI Innovation of Sweden, Peter Ljunglöf, Språkbanken and Simon Westerlund, Software Engineer, Recorded Future.
Conversational AI - Panel discussion (30 min) - Amelie Åstbom, Talkamatic, Staffan Truvé, Recorded Future, Anna Hjalmarsson, Electrolux, Nicolas Espinoza, Gavagai, Anders Arpteg, Peltarion. 
AI for better Healthcare (35 min) - Olof Junesjö, Governo, Amy Loutfi, Örebro University and Mikael Jorstig Region Örebro.
Exploring the frontiers of AI (20 min) - Anders Arpteg, Peltarion, Daniel Gillblad, AI Innovation of Sweden and Amy Loutfi, Örebro University 


DAY 2 - Tuesday May 12

Theme: Accelerate AI competence and learning

Welcome and introduction - Peter Kurzwelly and Johanna Bergman, AI Innovation of Sweden
Education (35 min) - Jan Smith, AI Competence for Sweden and Fredrik Heinz, Linköping University
AI for leaders in public sector (35 min) - Martin Karlsson, AI Innovation of Sweden
How to lead in the Era of AI (35 min) - Kye Andersson, Peltarion
Change Agent Program (5 min) - Peter Kurzwelly, AI Innovation of Sweden
AI Innovation of Sweden Update (15 min)  - Martin Svensson, AI Innovation of Sweden


Theme: Legal Hour

Legal update from our legal team (15 min) - Josefine Rembsgård, Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, AI Innovation of Sweden
Committee for technological innovation & ethics (15min) - Charlotte Hall, KOMET
Collaboration and structure: key for the legal field around AI - (30 min) - Linn Samuelsson, MAQS Lawfirm


DAY 3 - Wednesday May 13

Theme: Data and the Data Factory

Welcome and introduction - Peter Kurzwelly and Ebba Josefsson Lindqvist, AI Innovation of Sweden
Status update Data Factory (20 min) - Mats Nordlund, AI Innovation of Sweden
AI Infrastructure (35 min) - Anders Stålnacke, Simon Janeck, Christian Gustavsson, CGit
The renounce Platform (20 min) - Christine Choirat, Swiss Data Science Center
Sharing Datasets - Road Data Lab & VAMLAV  (15 min) - Benny Nilsson, Zenuity
Introduction to annotations (25 min) - Daniel Langkilde, Annotell

Federated Learning  (30 min) - Richard König, Ekkonoo, Peter Bleckert, AI Innovation of Sweden, Rebecca Steinert, RISE

Panel Discussion; Data Factory Solutions  (35 min) - Christian Gustafsson, CGit, Sorin Cheran, HPE, Christine Choirat, Swiss Data Science Center, Henrik Waldinge, Google


Day 4 - Thursday May 14

Theme: Applied AI Cases 

Welcome and introduction (8 min) - Peter Kurzwelly and Johanna Bergman, AI Innovation of Sweden
Peltarion AI use case (20 min) - Anders Arpteg, Pelarion
Sony Lund x AI (15 min) - Andrej Petef, Sony
Develop AI and machine learning algorithms to estimate pH levels (15 min) - David Fendrich, TenFifty 
Advanced Analytics for Cell Imaging (15 min) - Lars Tornberg, Astra Zeneca
The making of a Smarter city (20 min) - Martin Gull, City of Helsingborg
Applied AI - Intelligent Traffic Management Soultion for Smart City (25 min) - Ann Louise Johansson, Qamcom
Machine Learning at the Swedish Migration Agency (20 min) - Alexander Mafi, CGI

Theme: Working with consultants & Startups

Panel Discussion: Working with AI-consultants (15 min) - Axel Bender, Semcon, Nasim Farahini, Qamcom, Alexander Mafi, CGI. Moderator: Helena Theander, AI Innovation of Sweden
AI Innovation of Sweden Startup Program (20 min) - Peter Kurzwelly, AI Innovation of Sweden and Marie Wall, Deputy Director Startups Ministry of Enterprise.