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Doing things together makes it go faster

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

If you have visited AI Innovation of Sweden's offices at Lindholmspiren, you probably bumped into Marcus Österberg and Lars Lindsköld. Marcus and Lars both work at Region Västra Götaland but spend a major portion of their time working on the project Swelife AI. Lars has also been a part of AI Innovation of Sweden's team as a senior consultant.

Region Västra Götaland one of the first partners on site 

Region Västra Götaland is one of the first partners to joint the Gothenburg office after AI Innovation of Sweden was launched.

'"There is a great deal of interest for the profession to participate in digitalisation. We have foreseen that AI will have an unbelievable impact on healthcare, so we want to be on board from the beginning and take a hands-on approach"explains Lars Lindsköld, who is regional developer at Region Västra Götaland, and responsible for the systematic health data portfolio within Swelife.

"This kind of work involves development of project ideas and inspiration, as well as establishing contacts. Coming in, meeting people and just talking is an important part of developing collaboration across boundaries", Lars continues. 

'Doing things together makes it go faster. However, doing things together sometimes requires physical meetings, where the place AI Innovation of Sweden plays a major role' 

There are currently representatives from several of the partner companies on the premises. In addition to Region Västra Götaland, employees from Zenuity, Fado, Cap GeminiCGITCohereum and Acando are present and more will be moving in soon.

A great potential in the shared office

Marcus Österberg, Region Västra Götaland and project manager at Swelife AI, is one of the people who have been working at AI Innovation of Sweden's office since the beginning. He sees great advantages to being on site with other partners.

"I am here on site to use the network that is in place here. I want people who have good ideas to be able to benefit from us being here. We have a contact network and knowledge of the field and can match ideas with competence and connect people," says Marcus.

"Right now it is Lars and I and two colleagues from Sahlgrenska: Almira Osmanovic Thunström, neuroscientist, and Mattias Lidbäck, IT nurse at Sahlgrenska Hospital and Lund, who are on site, but the idea is that more people will move in. Our idea is to be able to offer more employees when they have an AI project so that they have time here together."

'I want people who have good ideas to be able to benefit from us being here"

"I see great potential in the shared office and hope the environment will continue to be diverse - both in terms of companies and competence, preferably with even more developers and designers on site", Marcus continues.

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