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Carl Lindberg to build data factory at AI Innovation of Sweden

Friday, May 3, 2019

Carl Lindberg, formerly from AP2 and one of the founders of high-profile Gothenburg company Sigmastocks, is building the data factory which is being established at AI of innovation of Sweden at Lindholmen Science Park. The data factory will make data and infrastructure available in a unique way, which will accelerate research and innovation in the AI sector.

Carl Lindberg’s background makes him absolutely perfect to build the data factory at AI Innovation of Sweden. Most recently, he comes from the Andra AP fund, where he worked in quantitative management and is an associate professor with a PHD in mathematical statistics at Chalmer’s. Carl is also one of the founders of high-profile Gothenburg company Sigmastocks, which is an Artificial Intelligence-based tool for stock investment.

Since just a few weeks ago, he has been splitting his time between Zenuity, where he is responsible for strategic data applications and AI Innovation of Sweden.

“The fact that Zenuity is helping out by allowing us to share in Carl's experience and expertise is just one of the many examples of partnerships and collaborations that are enabling the development of AI in industry and welfare in Sweden.” says Martin Svensson, Co-director at AI Innovation of Sweden.

There are several amazing initiatives going on in the field of AI right now: business, academia and by the authorities; there is a tremendous amount of energy. It is particularly pleasing to be able to be a part of this, and to play a role in the exchange of all this energy and the various initiatives. A lot of people are keen to get things done; to evolve and to develop things. We can give them the best conditions that will help them to make progress.” Carl Lindberg says.

Doing AI properly requires a lot of data and a powerful computation capacity, which is exactly what we will be able to offer, in combination with a community that represents a variety of companies and organisations who are able to meet up and implement projects together, ” he continues.

Mats Nordlund is in charge of research at Zenuity:
Data plays a very important role in the development of AI. At Zenuity, we have loads of experience in building and running your own data factory. Carl compliments Zenuity’s skills and abilities in relation to data and we are pleased that he will also be able to engage with AI Innovation of Sweden and help us contribute towards the rapidly growing national AI ecosystem.”

A resource that make things possible

The data factory will be one of the most important cornerstones in AI Innovation of Sweden’s mission, in which data is a prerequisite for AI development and training AIs. At the same time, access to comprehensive, good-quality data is in short supply, causing bottlenecks in many projects and initiatives.

Right now, we are working intensively to get the infrastructure we require in place, and to make the first sets of data available. Both Carl Lindberg and Martin Svensson point out that progress to this point has been rapid, and that plenty more exciting things lie ahead over the next few weeks and months.

We are designing the data factory to be a resilient environment, which will enable the exchange of all the energy and the quantity good initiatives that are out there.” says Carl Lindberg. “People will be able to come here and work, if that’s what they want to do. In the long term, this can lead to unique solutions within companies and will allow the birth of new products and companies.  This work will benefit research, industry and welfare.”

This type of project is about entrepreneurship. We are building an exciting product that can help initiatives and collaborations to increase their reach and make improvements,” says Carl Lindberg, adding “We are building a resource that makes things possible.”


AI Innovation of Sweden is funded by Vinnova, Region Västra Götaland, and partners from the industrial and public sectors, research institutions and the academic world. Interested parties from these fields are invited to become partners in order to help build up significant resources with a view to enhancing the competitiveness of Swedish industry and improving Sweden’s interests in the long term. The initiative is officially hosted by Lindholmen Science Park AB. Zenuity is a leading developer of software for self-driving cars (Autonomous Driving, AD) and driver-assisting technology (ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Our flexible approach helps us integrate closely with our clients within the automotive industry, resulting in quick delivery of new technologies. Zenuity was founded in 2017 and currently has more than 600 employees in Sweden, Germany, USA and China. Read more at