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AI Sweden initiative contributes to accelerate the drug development process

Monday, November 23, 2020

Three weeks ago, AI Sweden and the biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca challenged experts in machine learning to find a solution to avoid preprocessing of cell cultures when testing new drugs. The winning solution and its algorithm will be used to help AstraZeneca accelerate drug development.

Eight teams consisting of Swedish and international representatives from both academia and the private sector, participated in the Adipocyte Cell Imaging Challenge. The task was to use machine learning to accelerate the drug development process. The winning team consists of researchers from Uppsala University and was selected by a jury consisting of representatives from AstraZeneca, Vinnova and AI Sweden. Competition was high, and AstraZeneca is hoping to continue working with several of the teams that participated in the challenge. 

"We at AstraZeneca will be able to benefit from the results immediately. Our partnership with AI Sweden and the teams’ contributions have opened up for both new ideas and new collaborations. It will help us leapfrog the production process, increase our capacity and potentially bring new drugs to the market even quicker". Anders Holmén, Vice President and Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences IMED, AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca has made its data available for the challenge via AI Sweden's Data Factory. The data factory enables AI Sweden's partners to donate and gain access to data, as well as to use storage and compute power for AI projects. The data that the teams analyzed for the Adipocyte Cell Imaging Challenge is now available to AI Sweden's partners. Moreover, several of the teams will continue to collaborate and learn from each other’s solutions while working in the Data Factory.

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