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AI Sweden collaborates with healthcare leaders to drive Impact Innovation for Strategic Health Programmes

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

AI Sweden is collaborating with Nollvision Cancer, Informationsdriven Vård, Prevention Barnfetma and Fokus Patient on a prestudy called Impact Innovation: Prevention 360. The national innovation networks aim to develop the next Strategic Innovation Program. The call was funded by Vinnova, Formas and Energimyndigheten.

An image depicting a female scientist performing laboratory work

The prestudy will run from February to October 2023 and focus on developing a data-driven approach to healthcare to enable individuals and societal actors to act proactively and target interventions to promote health and prevent deterioration. By intervening early and tailoring interventions, resources can be saved while improving health outcomes. 

Healthcare for individuals and populations needs to evolve from reactive and general to proactive, precise, and informed. With a broad network of highly experienced and relevant partners, and a vibrant scope from clinical needs, research, technology development and implementation in society, the national innovation network will work mission-oriented and mobilizing all sectors throughout society.

Prevention 360 is collaborating with the Impact Innovation prestudy called Health4All, which is coordinated by Karolinska sjukhuset that aims at increasing the speed of implementation of innovation in health care. Prevention 360 is open for interactions with other parties and prestudies.

Read more about the project Impact Innovation: Prevention 360.


Strategic Program Manager
Helena Linge
+46 (0)70-834 52 67