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17 new interns from Hyper Island now available

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Interns from Hyper Island are available to work on partner projects now and to take up placements at partner organizations January-March 2023. Contact to arrange an intern placement or project now.

The Hyper Island interns joined AI Sweden in September for the second half of their two-year course. The program is highly collaborative, with AI Sweden and our partners contributing to their education, projects they take part in, and hosting them as interns. The candidates are, in many instances, seasoned professionals who have chosen to upskill for a career working with AI. They are ready to support partners as soon as may be, so get in touch with Niclas Fock to discuss your staffing needs. 

We carefully selected those who can contribute to AI Sweden and the needs of the partner community. Partners who worked with the Hyper Island AI Change Agents during the spring were really impressed and excited. This year, along with a new class of Jr AI Change Agents, we have introduced a second group of talents from Hyper Island, the Data Readiness Agents

If your organization is interested in taking advantage of these interns' skills and time, contact Niclas Fock now. 

Preparing future AI professionals

AI Sweden is giving them special training in selecting and reviewing data, judging data quality and preparing for AI model training. The objective is to provide an overview of what the participants might encounter in their professional life in the field of AI. Together with our partners we cover use-cases, perspectives and insights on the challenges connected to organizations adopting AI. Speakers from over 15 different partners will contribute to their education. 

Simultaneously, the interns are working on a wide variety of projects that are variously live or still at the concept stage. The interns must then assess and present plans for. They identify the scope and deliverables, and determine what they may personally contribute. This tests their initiative, ability to evaluate and to deliver within a larger team. 


The interns started their training at AI Sweden, September 2022.


Partner organizations see tangible results

Partners have testified to how beneficial this program was for them this spring. Two of the interns from the last cohort worked at Region Östergötland helping to conduct the AI Maturity Report. They helped the region to understand its current AI maturity level. Knowing this helped the decision of where to be in 12-18 months' time and how to get there. As a result, Region Östergötland is using this information to prepare a pilot combining AI and traffic planning.

“I was a bit skeptical [of] AI Sweden in the beginning but can now conclude that if we hadn’t got the support with the AI Maturity Report we probably wouldn't have begun now but instead pushed it forward as far forward as possible.” Carin Carelind, R&D Manager, Östgötatrafiken (part of Region Östergötland). 


Lucas Ambjörn from last year’s cohort completed his internship at Zenseact and is now employed there full-time as an AI Change Agent. He is, among other things, responsible for developing an AI Vision for them and implementing it in the organization. 


Ready for new career challenges

The interns already have clear ideas about what they can contribute to partners and how they will effect improvements. 

“As a data analyst, I see data readiness knowledge as a crucial part of my future work. I believe this training will give me a holistic understanding of the data ecosystem in any organization or business. I will be equipped with tools and frameworks to run complex projects either within AI or data analysis.” Kristina Tumanova, Data Analyst

“It’s not enough to just speak the language of data or business or information systems architecture. In conversations at my former job, I recognized the need to bridge the siloes of IT and Business and implement technology with an eye on everyone’s process, intended value and domain knowledge. I hope to use this experience to enable people to think differently and help them realize they can understand seemingly new or foreign concepts just through a different interpretation.” Tab Bainum, Junior AI Change Agent


How can my organization benefit?
Partners may receive 1-2 interns working with the challenges partners specify. This may start now (October 2022). They can join as full-time interns from January 2023 until the end of March 2023.
  • Teams of talents from one or from several programs, combining different skills, could form a project to work with a project task provided by partners. This could be a work of technical nature, or a study of needs and opportunities related to the partner business or market from an AI perspective.
  • Partners may invite interns to do a site visit
  • Partners share a company presentation and a lecture about AI work within their organizations

These are just some of the ways partners can get involved.


What is the goal of the program?

The Talent programs provide partners with AI talent, as AI Sweden has seen that this need is huge and growing rapidly. Upon completing our programs, the candidates are available for job offers. Partners contribute lectures and projects so the interns get the most relevant education possible. Establishing contact during their internship is hugely beneficial for partners and for the candidate themselves to find the best use for their skills. 


To get involved as a partner, contact Niclas Fock.