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15 new startups join the Swedish AI Startup Landscape

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

This latest version of the initiative led by AI Sweden and Ignite Sweden now features 198 AI startups.

AI Sweden and Ignite Sweden have launched a new update of the Swedish AI Startup Landscape with the addition of 15 new AI startups. 198 companies are now part of the Landscape.

The 15 startups added to the Swedish AI Startup Landscape

Buddywise: Enables real-time safety monitoring through computer vision
Cetasol: Digital analytical platform for energy optimization for small and medium-sized
DBT Solutions: AI-powered database tuning service
Ecotwin (Dynamic Topologies AB): Real ecosystems simulation with AI
Fictive Reality: learning and recruitment in the metaverse
Green AI Cloud: sustainable high-performance cloud service for AI computing
Ledai: Engineering consultants in industrial machine learning
Meta Bytes: helps companies with digitalization, process optimization and automation using software development, cloud infrastructure and machine learning/AI 
Monava: monitors natural disasters in alpine environments
myhomefield: AI-driven spontaneous training and sport coaching
Oxide: explainable AI for all data-intense domains
PandionAI: increases safety and transparency in society by securing the need for timely information
Parametric Solutions: automated architecture for sustainable cities
Pirr: co-create erotica, powered by AI
Taigatech: providing sawmills with traceability through computer vision

“We know that AI startups play an important role in creating innovation and growth in the field of AI. Through the European AI Startup Landscape initiative, we help shine a light on AI startups across Europe. We believe the landscape is a brilliant marketing channel targeting international investors and potential customers, thus helping the featured AI startups to accelerate and grow,” says Katarina Fégeant, Startup Program Manager at AI Sweden.

The Swedish landscape is part of the European AI Startup Landscape that today features 800+ AI startups from France, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands and Sweden.

Startups with a wide range of solutions

These new startups develop solutions for a wide range of sectors including education, entertainment, forestry, health, manufacturing, real estate, transportation and security.

One of the new startups in this update is DBtune, which offers database tuning software as a service, helping users to automatically train recommendation models, driving up to a 50% reduction in annual infrastructure costs.

“As part of the Swedish AI Startup Landscape, we are really excited to have the opportunity to get to know new partners and potential customers who could benefit from what we do. We are at a critical stage of our journey and are hoping to scale our reach and visibility within the Swedish and the European startup entrepreneurial communities and establish ourselves as one of the leading AI deeptech technology players in the EU,” says CEO and Founder, Luigi Nardi.

Luigi Nardi, CEO and founder of DBtune

“For our startup, spending time with Sweden’s AI elite is a given. I hope the landscape can help us create a strong European voice and best practice for ethical AI,” says Mathias Andreasson, CEO and Founder of Fictive Reality, a learning and assessment dialogue simulator powered by AI technology. 

Mathias Andreasson, CEO and Founder of Fictive Reality  According to Magnus Lasses, Product Manager at Laholm based startup Meta Bytes, the landscape also gives visibility to tech businesses located outside big cities that might not be top-of-mind when it comes to AI and tech. Meta Bytes develops Bäck AI, a product that helps companies accelerate their document workflow by reducing the time spent on manual data input. “To be featured in the Swedish AI Startup Landscape is a confirmation of our tech know-how and expertise when it comes to artificial intelligence, and a great way to showcase our valuable product at a national and European level among other cool Swedish AI startups,” he concludes.

The evaluation committee
Agneta Jacobson (AI Sweden)Stina Lantz (SISP/Ignite Sweden)
Johanna Björklund (Umeå University)
Helene Niklasson (Volvo Group)
Daniel Gillblad (AI Sweden)
Rebecka Löthman Rydå (Inventure VC)
Patrik Kägu (Almi)
Vik Li (Ericsson Ventures)
Adam Edström (RISE)
Ingrid Af Sandeberg (Stockholm AI)
Martin Rugfelt (Sentian)
Raoul Stubbe (Sting)
Jakob Engdahl (Statistics Sweden)
Fredrik Weisner (Vinnova)

Startups interested in applying to be featured in the next update of the landscape can read how to submit their application here.