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East Sweden

Pre-study regarding a new node in East Sweden is on-going.

      A pre-study for establishing an East node of AI Innovation of Sweden is now ongoing. The pre-study will give us a better understanding of needs, expectations and opportunities for a new node in the east area. 

      The pre-study is run by Niclas Fock and Karin Ackerholm, now conducting interviews with potential partners in the area. During spring 2020, a plan for the set-up of the node should be ready and the work will continue towards node establishment.

      This pre-study is lead by Science Park Mjärdevi and carried out by RISE and Linköping University in collaboration with Region Östergötland and AI Innovation of Sweden, with financing from Vinnova.

      • Niclas Fock

        Senior Project Manager, East node

        niclas [dot] fock [at] ri [dot] se +46(0)722 - 24 22 84
      • Karin Ackerholm

        Senior Project Manager, East node

        karin [dot] ackerholm [at] ai [dot] se +46 (0)701 91 87 50