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Legal Expert Group

As part of the work with the Data Factory, AI Sweden invites partners to be part of a group of legal experts exploring challenging legal questions related to AI, data sharing and GDPR. 

Through the ongoing work with the Data Factory, a clear need for a workpackage focusing on legal questions has been identified. As part of this workpackage, AI Sweden is therefore in the process of creating a Legal Expert Group. 

The Legal Expert Group will consist of a smaller number of legal experts from our partners who will discuss legal questions related to AI and data and they will collaborate in trying to create, for example, white papers, guidelines and/or common interpretations and solutions for legal issues that could benefit all partners within AI Sweden.

The creation of this group is in progress.


Want to engage?

If you are a partner to AI Sweden and interested in participating, please contact us.

Project Manager

Ebba Josefson Lindqvist

Legal coordinator

Josefine Rembsgård