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Data Science Engineer

AI Innovation of Sweden is now looking for a Data Science Engineer who will be involved in the data related projects at the Data Factory, support partners needs and manage the work AI Innovation of Sweden undertakes in such projects. 

Key responsibilities

  • Develop AI Innovation of Sweden’s knowledge, capabilities and services related to the data process, methods and tools
  • Identify research opportunities related to data and the data process
  • Lead reference groups with representatives from partners, focusing on data science

AI Innovation of Sweden is looking for an individual with significant understanding of AI and related data processes, structure and challenges. The Data Science engineer needs great social skills, and is committed to making a difference in the overall Swedish development and use of AI in industry or society. 

Location: Possibility to be based in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Luleå, Malmö or Örebro.

Conditions: Employment until the end of 2021, with a possiblity of extension depending on future funding.

possible when the funding for AI Innovation of Sweden is secured beyond the initial period, 2019-2021. 

Questions: Martin Svenssson, Co-Director, AI Innovation of Sweden

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