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A key position at AI Innovation of Sweden is the role of Co-Director who is responsible for the intellectual direction and leadership of AI Innovation of Sweden. Focus will be on providing the vision and guidance for the development of a dynamic world-class AI ecosystem that can accelerate research, education and use of AI in industry and society. Frequent interactions with, and support to, key stakeholders and partners nationally and internationally will be key activities for the Co-director.   

The Co-Director is responsible for the scientific vision and the development of a dynamic, innovative environment and culture at the center and shall dedicate his/her time to develop the collaboration with the partners to build strong research, education and innovation programs and generate value to the Swedish ecosystem through insights, knowledge and relationships. 

Key responsibilities

  • Develop AI Innovation of Sweden through a visionary leadership
  • Develop relationship with Swedish universities and research institutes, as well as other relevant government agencies and ministries
  • Support partners in developing their capabilities in AI to meet their current and projected needs & challenges
  • Build and lead the Data Factory
  • Build and lead the resources called Competence, knowledge & best practice, as well as Collaboration & funding 
  • Develop relationships with international research and academic communities that could be of benefit to AI Innovation of Sweden and its partners
  • Establish connections to industry within and outside Sweden
  • Identify and attract external financial funding of AI Innovation of Sweden
  • Support funding bodies with input and strategy for calls for applications 

To join as Co-Director, AI Innovation of Sweden is looking for a senior individual who is well known in the AI community and has an existing international network. In addition, there is a need for great interpersonal skills and a commitment to making a difference in the overall Swedish development and use of AI in industry or society. 

Location: Gothenburg or Stockholm, weekly travelling expected

Conditions: Employment at Lindholmen Science Park AB with start date as soon as possible and for an initial period of up to two years, with an extension possible when the funding for AI Innovation of Sweden is secured beyond the initial period, 2019-2021.

Questions: Martin Svenssson, Program Director, AI Innovation of Sweden

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About Lindholmen Science Park AB
Lindholmen Science Park AB is a nonprofit and neutral organisation, jointly owned by Chalmers University of Technology, the City of Gothenburg and the business community. For almost 20 years, owners and partners have worked together to invest and purposefully develop a modern and inspiring innovation environment for several of Sweden’s leading development projects.