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Focus Group Civil Engineering

This group focus on AI for Civil Engineering. The network consist of partners to AI Sweden.

We see a growing interest for AI in the area of civil engineering and many of our partners have expressed a need for collaboration in this area. In this context civil engineering covers a more general area than just the professional discipline. This means that a slightly wider perspective of businesses and organizations may be interested to participate. The exact scope of the focus area is up for discussion among the participants. One issue standing out so far is data captured in PDFs, which can be drawings, text, detailed property plans, etc. 

The focus group is driven by a commitment from the participating individuals, and they decide the aim and goal of the group by themselves. The focus group can, and is encouraged to, suggest initiatives or projects that AI Innovation of Sweden should run.

Convening leader 2020: Mats Snäll, Lantmäteriet. 


  • All partners in AI Sweden can take part in different Special Interest Groups.
  • The group has one convening leader of the group. This leadership is rotated each year. The leader must be representing a partner organisation.
  • One member from the management team of AI Sweden participates in each group but is not the leader.
  • Non-partner persons can be adjunct participants, if all partners in the group find it valuable to include that special expert.

Interested to join?

Interested to join the network? Please contact us.

Eco-system and Node Manager

Helena Theander