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Learn, network and get inspired! Take part in seminars, workshops and other events organized by AI Sweden.

Upcoming events

- Online -
A woman speaking in front of a group of people sitting around a table

Information meeting: AI course for social entrepreneurs (in Swedish)

Do you want to learn how AI can improve your operations? Starting this fall, AI Sweden, in collaboration with MinnaLearn,, and INCO, will offer the course AI for social entrepreneurs.
AI Sweden
People sitting around a table listening to a presentation

AI Labs - Sharing is Caring

AI Labs - Sharing is Caring is a recurring Partner Experience Sharing and Learning opportunity, where Data Factory infrastructure users can meet and exchange experiences and learnings!
Helsingborg Arena, Helsingborg
Bild för Impact Innovation Summit.

Impact Innovation Summit

Impact Innovation Summit is for you who create the life, cities and world we aspire for. To nurture...
Mer info kommer.
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AI for boards and CEOs: How to evolve your organization with AI

Welcome to an exclusive CEO meeting for companies and organizations in Östergötland where you will learn more about the opportunities with AI.
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AI-hackaton 2.0 (in Swedish)

Now it is time to take the next step to strengthen our welfare by organizing a national AI hackathon for the public sector. Theme of the day is "From idea to production in 3 months."
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Konferens: AI4Energy

Welcome to the AI4Energy conference, focusing on how AI can be used to meet the future challenges in the energy sector.
Sergel Hub
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Conference Collaboration for AI in municipalities and civil society

For three years, municipalities and civil society have received tailored support to explore how AI can enhance welfare and address societal challenges. Now you have the opportunity to listen to wise and driven colleagues, what lessons have been learned?

Past events

AI Swedens trädgård
A street view in Visby, a dark overlay over the image

AI Sweden - Almedalen

For the first time, AI Sweden is now on site in its own garden during this year's Almedalen Week!
AI Sweden
- Online - Gothenburg
A library with many books

AI Labs Special Lectures

Emerging Threats & Solutions Protecting Critical Infrastructure – The Electric Grid
- Online -
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Upskilling as part of organisational AI Strategy

Join us for an engaging discussion on what changes to expect and why competence strategies are important to ensure long term success from implementation of AI solutions.
- Online -
Aerial view of Boliden

The Future of Mining: An Insight into Boliden Edge Lab Creating Conditions for R&D Activities in AI (in Swedish)

Welcome to join a presentation of Boliden Edge Lab, where we will gain insight into the innovations shaping the future of mining.
AI Sweden
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Summer mingle at AI Sweden for partners

Summer is approaching and before we all leave for our well-deserved holidays, we would like to invite you to a summer mingle at our Stockholm office!
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AI Startup Program Spotlight with AI Sweden & NVIDIA

Are you an AI-startup searching for strategies to expand your business and join a community where you can share best practices and make valuable connections? If so, be sure to save the date: June 12th.
Parken, Helsingborg
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AI Rendezvous (in Swedish)

Finns det ett bättre sätt att börja sommaren än att prata AI? Vi tror inte det! Varmt välkomna till...
- Online -
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Partnerträff: AI-nätverket för offentlig sektor (in Swedish)

Under hösten 2023 slog AI Sweden ihop nätverken för kommuner, regioner, och myndigheter till det som...
AI Sweden
- Online - Gothenburg

Master Thesis Conference

We are delighted to invite you to participate in our upcoming Master Thesis Conference. It is a one-day event showcasing the innovative and creative research projects of the master’s students who have participated to our Master Thesis Program this year.
AI Sweden
Skyline of city in Singapore

AI for the world: Singapore’s new AI strategy and growth opportunities in southeast Asia

Are you ready to explore the dynamic intersection of Singapore and AI? Join us for an exciting morning 10th of June as we dive into the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence and its transformative impact on both Singapore and Sweden.
AI Sweden
- Online - Gothenburg
A library with many books

AI Labs Special Lectures

Can 'Lying Smartly' Preserve Privacy? Exploring the Role of Normalizing Flows in Unlocking the Exponential Mechanism Don't miss this chance to enhance your knowledge and stay ahead in the evolving field of AI and data privacy!
AI Sweden
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Workshop on Language Models and Generative AI for Government Agencies (in Swedish)

On May 31st, we are organizing a preparatory workshop to identify and discuss key issues for government agencies that require coordinated action and political attention.
Image for the co-working day: NLP Seminar Series Soft Launch. The image depicts AI Sweden team members engaging in a workshop activity.

Co-working Day: NLP Seminar Series Soft Launch

Welcome to a day of co-working at AI Sweden's office in Stockholm!
Image for the event Open Pitch Day, featuring a hand holding an illustration of a brain, with data nodes emerging from it.

Open Pitch Day (in Swedish)

Välkommen att pitcha dina AI-lösningar för skånska kommuner, DigIT Hub och skånska kommuner!
Lindholmspiren 11
- Online - Gothenburg

AI Sweden Industry Lab initiative

Welcome to the launch of AI Sweden's Industry Lab. This exclusive event is open only to AI Sweden industry partners. We hope you will join us in setting the stage for a future where AI is not just a tool, but a transformational force across industries.
Image for the event Generative AI in Academia. The image is a birds-eye view of a lecture hall.

Generative AI in Academia: Insights from University of Gothenburg

Welcome to Generative AI in Academia: Insights from the University of Gothenburg! We are at a...
- Online -
Bild till eventet Öppna AI-nätverket för kommuner och regioner. Bilden föreställer en trädgren med gröna löv.

Open AI-network for regions and municipalities (in Swedish)

Välkomna till vårens andra möte med det öppna AI-nätverket för kommuner och regioner, som samordnas...
Image for the co-working day: NLP Seminar Series Soft Launch. The image depicts AI Sweden team members engaging in a workshop activity.

Co-working Day: NLP Seminar Series Soft Launch

Welcome to our co-working day at AI Sweden's office, at Folkungagatan 44 in Stockholm!
Two people writing on a piece of paper

Workshop on language technology for a multilingual Europe

- Online -
Event AI Act in pratice

AI Act in practice

This webinar will focus on the AI Act, offering insights into how it shapes the path of AI development and deployment across industries.
Svenska Mässan
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AI Sweden at Vitalis

This year, AI Sweden together with Information-Driven Healthcare has created its own conference track at Vitalis, the leading conference and exhibition on eHealth and the future of healthcare and social care in the Nordic region.
AI Sweden offices
Gothenburg Stockholm
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Partner to Partner Meet-up

Welcome to our Partner to Partner meet-up in our Gothenburg and Stockholm offices! This event is partner exclusive.
Online & Lindholmspiren 11
- Online - Gothenburg
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The Latest Advancements in Decentralized Learning

Are you looking to stay ahead of the learning curve in the world of AI? We will showcase our latest and greatest developments in decentralized learning for mobility, space, security, health, and infrastructure.
Goto 10
- Online - Linköping
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Afternoon AIoTea – how to work data-driven with IoT and AI (in Swedish)

What are the workings of data-driven public transportation today, what challenges are present – and where do we need fresh ideas, products, and solutions in the future? Welcome to Afternoon AIoTea together with IoT World and AI Sweden.