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Workshop: How include modern machine learning technology in our processes and tools?

Linköping / Online

How can we include modern machine learning technology in our processes and tools? Peltarion invites you to a workshop in three parts!

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden
IoT World

In the upcomin months we will run a three-part workshop with the goal to help participants identify how they can include modern machine learning technology in their processors / tools.

The workshop will walk you through the steps required to take an AI project from idea to production while giving examples of well working practices and common pitfalls we have encountered along the way in projects we have worked on. We will also explore some of the ideas that the participants come up with and discuss reasonable methods for succeeding with using AI for them. In best case, we will be able to guide some to actually implement some solutions and put them into production.

The training will be at CreActive, room Borg, it is also possible to participate digitally. There are 15 physical spots available.

Occasion 1 - October 7th, 1-2: 30 PM
Inspirational lecture by Peltarion.

Occasion 2 - Oct 21st, 1-3:30 PM
Discussions on specific use cases. Feedback, guidance and ways forward.

Occasion 3 - Nov 18th, 1-3:30 PM
Further discussions and in-depth use cases. We also aim to have some results from Occasion 2 if possible.

The training is led by Peltarion.

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