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Workshop: Applied Swedish NLP (SLTC 2020)

RISE, Sahlgrenska Science Park, and AI Sweden with project partners invite you to an afternoon workshop in “Applied Swedish NLP”, as part of the Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC) 2020. This is an opportunity for representatives from industry, academia, and government to join us in harvesting needs and use cases in applied Swedish natural language processing (NLP).

The projects Language Models for Swedish Authorities, Swedish Medical Language Data Lab and Swedish Language Data Lab, share the aim of developing and giving access to language models and data for Swedish applications, including investigating the various means of distributing these in legally, ethically, and technically permitting ways. 

The aim of the workshop is to identify additional needs, use cases, and related challenges that can either be incorporated into the ongoing projects, form the basis of new collaborations and projects, or contribute to new research ideas. 

The workshop will start with presentations from invited speakers, and followed by group discussions involving all workshop participants. The speakers will give high-level presentations of the work that has been done so far in the above mentioned projects, focusing on targeted and identified needs and use cases. A more detailed programme for the workshop sessions will be released closer to the workshop date. We accept no submissions for this workshop - instead, we look forward to your contributions in the group discussions. 


The registration will open early October. Note that participation in the workshop will not require registration for the SLTC 2020 conference (but is of course encouraged).



About the conference

University of Gothenburg is the organiser of this year’s Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC), on 25-27 November. The conference is arranged every second year.

You will be able to participate either online or in Gothenburg.

Read more about the conference here