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Welcome to AI Transformation Day #3


Do you want to learn more about the importance of having a clear ambition on the AI Journey and how to get employees engaged? Join us for the third edition of AI Transformation Day!

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AI Sweden

Last AI Transformation Day, we introduced the AI Maturity Assessment Tool and got a preview of My AI, two different components to help you on your AI Journey, both as an organization and as an individual. Here’s the recorded event.

This time around we’ll dive into some important topics on leadership and how to tackle “the people challenge,”  - getting your employees on board for the journey.

Leadership & “the people challenge”

Today we focus on the importance of having ambitions with AI and good leadership that understands the strategic importance of data and AI driven insights. We will also deep dive into one of the biggest barriers for an organization to start their AI journey, "the people challenge."

Having a clear vision that creates focus around your AI initiatives coupled with commitment from the leadership is important to create the right conditions for a successful AI Journey. We will cover some important topics targeted at leaders and managers as well as give some hands-on tools to work with.

A successful AI Journey also requires getting people onboard, engaging in the process. We will discuss how to go about this, using competence development as one way going forward.

As always, our partners will share their experiences and real life stories. We will also learn about how AI transformation is tackled in Canada and what they see that they can learn from the work being done here in Sweden. 

* The event will be held in Swedish and open for anyone to join!

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